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For those who read about Oscar, my rat.

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Thank you everyone. It is really hard knowing he is gone. I look at his cage and I expect him to be there. I will post a copy of what I posted in another group.

My little Oscar passed last night.

He was nearly 2 years old. He was a fighter. First he scared me with a lump in his neck that ended up being a cyst after he had surgery. He got a 2nd lump and it went away on its own.

Most recently, he started breathing weird and I took him to the vet. She said try meds or put him down. I did the meds. They didn't help so I tried a 2nd vet a half hour away. He was given fluids and a shot. Still no progress so I found an exotics dr and hour and half away. He was there since Tuesday late afternoon.

He was put on oxygen and when I saw him in there, I could tell he was more comfortable. He curled up and slept. He had been just laying out at home because it was harder to breath. They did xrays and blood work and think he had pneumonia. The dr called today around noon saying he
was stable but oxygen dependent and wanted to know if I wanted to put him down. I said one more day and he didn't make it.

Now on top of my $71 and $79 previous bills...I am looking at over $1000. I am crying my eyes out because he was a great rat. I just thought I was share my story and a couple of pictures.

The dr told me he almost called me yesterday to say the new antibiotic he administered had helped Oscar perk up and he was eating. Unfortunately, he didn't make it. They are going to do an autopsy which I agreed to so that I can know what was going on and hopefully help in the future. I will also be getting his ashes back. I think it's only right since I tried so hard.

Eating his favorite snack.

Sleeping next to me on the couch.

Younger...in my pocket.

After surgery...
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Oscar looks like he was a very sweet and handsome rat. I am so sorry for your experience... I had a rat with pneumonia, Cara, and she was on antibiotics for over 6 months, then finally we started nebulization as well... She was a fighter but she just couldn't get rid of the pneumonia. She also passed away at about two years old. My other rat Kei shared a cage with Cara her whole life. Kei had her own medical problems, she had a mammary tumor removed but recovered well from that, but then she developed heart problems as she got older.
I know how hard it can be to lose one of these babies so I feel for you.
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Yes, it is hard. I just didn't know it would cost so much. I just started a job and I also got care credit, so that definitely helps. Still a bummer that I put out so much and I didn't even have the chance to bring him home. Sorry to hear about your losses as well. Poor little rattys.
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I'm so sorry your baby didn't make it. He was lucky to have someone that loved him so much and fought for him.
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I'm sorry for your loss of Oscar.. He's a very handsome rat. RIP little Oscar
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I'm sorry to hear about your rattie. I've fought more battles than I can count with my kids and not many have I won. They're little fighters and after putting all you can into them, it really hurts to watch them go despite your efforts. They're such amazing little creatures and it's sad that they have to leave us so soon. The worst part of owning them is the health problems they tend to suffer and their very short lives. They truely are unique and leave a mark on our hearts with each one that comes into our lives.

In the last 3 years I've lost over 20 of my babies. (All roughly the same age so it was one after another) I'm down to my last one and he's already 2.5 years old. It kills me at the thought of losing him. I've lost so many already and don't want to loose him too.

Oscar certainally was a very hansome rattie and he was very lucky to have someone who cared as much as you did. RIP Oscar.
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Jelllybean, I am sorry to hear that you have lost so many. I don't think it gets any easier. Every pet is special in their own way.

I called to check my balance earlier today. Looks like my bill is around $2000. Don't know how it jumped from $1100 at noon and $700 taked on when he died 7 hours later. BOO!
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