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Little one lost

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I posted about a kitten that had made its way to my front steps day before yesterday. I intended to take him to a rescue yesterday, but found him dead under a bush. He had not been there earlier when I went to feed him. He was eating well, I thought he was ok. He He even let me pet him and head butted my hand. There was no visible trauma, which leads me to believe he had to be sick. As much as I hate that the poor little guy died, I am glad none of my crew got around him.
Godspeed to The Bridge, Little One.
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I'm so sorry RIP little one!
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Rest In Peace, sweet baby
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Poor baby!
Don't you wish we could save them all?!
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RIP little one have fun over the bridge
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RIP Little One
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Poor little boy

Have fun at the bridge sweetie

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RIP sweet little one.
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RIP little kitty.
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RIP little angel boy... sorry you weren't able to enjoy home life
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Aww, rest in peace little one.
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RIP lil kitty
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Play happily over RB, little Kitty. You found safety and comfort in KrazyKat's home, and the vibes from the TCS community are lighting your way along the path to Home.
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