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When is it play and when is it not?

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We just recently rescued a pregnant kitten. The whole time we have had her other then the second evening home she has been locked up in our second bedroom and bathroom.

The second evening when we let her out at first she was fine with our dogs and cats, but then she just appeared to flip and started hissing and spiting and chasing our dogs to attack them. So we decided she needed to be confined. Our dogs did not do anything but yelp in pain from being clawed at and retreated. But because of her being new and pregnant and other advise I had gotten we decided she needed to be confined.

Well almost a week ago she gave birth. Kittens are doing great and we go in and spend as much time as we can. The past few days you can see the Momma getting her energy back and she wants to come explore. (She has been locked up in the bedroom over 3 weeks now) So we decided to let her out on a supervised visit.

She did great, she wanted to explore the house, she did not want to do that the first time out. So two of our dogs walked around with her exploring. Momma was really interested in our female cat, Tinkerbelle. Tink sniffed her then wanted nothing to do with her and hissed and walked away. Momma just went on exploring. She was out for maybe a half hour.

Then after she had explored some. Went by Tinkerbelle again, this time Momma changed...hair went up on her back, tail became the racoon tail, all fluffed out and she went into a crawl, like getting ready to attack her pray. Now Tinkerbelle did not help by hissing at her again as to say back off. But Momma then just went at her, chased her around our living room. Our dogs stepped in before Momma could get her hands on Tinkerbelle. They did not bite or anything just blocked Momma and she did nothing to the dogs but stopped long enough before going around them which let us grab her.

Back in the room she went.

I am just worried this is aggression behavior and don't want either of them to get hurt not to mention our male cat that will have a hiss fit as well if Momma comes near him. The two cats we have, HATE each other but will tolearate each other. Momma is only a foster until the kittens can be weaned and then adopted out.

Momma is great with us, no aggression there...but then again I am just not sure if she is trying to play or if it is aggression. I know cats will play and chase each other, but with her body language to me it seems to be telling me otherwise.

Any help and suggestions would be great. I would like to let Momma out once in awhile so she gets used to a family setting for when she gets adopted out.

Thank you!!!
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A mother cat with kittens in the house is going to be very territorial. How she behaves under these conditions is not a really good indicator of what will happen after the kittens are weaned and no longer under her protection.
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Okay, but wouldn't she be territorial the whole time? I mean she acts one minute like she wants to get to know the cat, trying to rub up against the cat then 20 minutes later like she wants to attack. I could under stand if my cat was going anywhere near the room the kittens are in, but this is not the case. Just find it odd that one minute she wants to rub up against the cat then 20 minutes later is in attack mood.

Hormones still...lol...I have never delt with a pregnant cat or having kittens at this age so all still new to me.

Thanks for the advise.
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I have seen this kind of confusion with cats and humans. We had a female cat who had 5 kittens at the shelter. She was very affectionate before her kittens were born. She even let me help her when one of her kittens came out feet first. Then after the kittens she got a little goofy. She would rub on people, but then she would suddenly feel threatened and she would attack them. Her babies are grown up now, and she is back to her sweet old self.
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