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Experience with Urinary Tract Infection (UTI) in older cat

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My 11-13 year old Maine Coon cat developed a urinary tract infection (UTI) last month. We took her to the vet who did a blood exam and urinalysis, and told us that the cat had UTI and reduced kidney function. She prescribed two week dose of amoxicillin (antibiotics) in the liquid form. We have the cat antibiotics with the little dropper. Sometimes we were successful and other times not (cat would spit some of it out). After a couple of days our cat got better. In the repeat blood work she still had bacteria so the doctor prescribed another 4 weeks of antibiotics. We completed that (again with limited success, some she would spit out some she would take).

Three days ago the cat began feeling lethargic again. She would recluse, go to sleep in the basement or outside. Because it was the weekend we took the cat to the emergency room, where they again did blood work. She does have still UTI and they gave us the antibiotics in pill form. Thus far we were able to give her two pills using special treats where you put the pills. However, she stopped eating treats so we now have to figure out to get her to swallow the medicine. We also requested they test the bacteria culture for resistance to see if this form of bacteria is not resistant to the antibiotic that we are giving her.

Cat cat is very fatigued, is reclusive, while she still eats and drinks it is certainly much less then before. From two years ago she weight 9 lbs, then with the first bout of UTI she reduced to 7.2 and now she is 6.5 pounds. She also had a fever when we took her to the vet.

I keep hoping that the antibiotics should help her, but am afraid of the worst. What are other peoples experiences with UTI, is there anything else we can give the cat? The vet did not seem concerned that much (not to the point of hospitalizing the cat) but I am very afraid of losing our precious Djidji.

I know UTI is common in older cats, I would just like other peoples experinces and suggestions.

Kind regards,

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I have that same problem with Coco right now. She was on Liquid Antibiotics and we switched to Clavamox Pills on Weds because she barfs the Meds. She is on bottle number 6 and has 3 more to go. Coco is 16 and has had this off and on since Aug 2006. What antibiotic is she on? Is she on C/D. Coco has C/D and Royal Canin Urinary Food. I now about being scared. Coco jas lost weight also just like your Cat. I hope she feels better. Coco refuses ti eat her food and steals theirs. I think the Med took her smell and taste away. How many times has your Cat had the infection before. Coco has had Ecoli and Staph Bladder Infections. The one she has now came from her Depo Shot. Coco has to be on antibiotics for 2 months almost everytime before it goes away and she is on the right med,
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Hi mews2much,

She is on Clavamox 62.5mg. First occurrence as late April, beginning of May. Have not had a problem with her before. I'm very afraid as she is usually very active and now she is just resting in the basement (finished cozy part). I hope its just because of her fever and feeling week. She sleeps outside all day and then in the basement at night. She knows she is feeling weak. I think I may pull out my sleeping bag and stay with her there tonight if she doesn't feel any better.

I'm afraid if she refuses to take the pills. Is it possible to give her antibiotics with an injection (at home?) My parents are MDs so I am sure they would figure it out. She needs to get the full medication.

What do you recommend for food? They gave us samples but she didn't like it?

Thanks for your support!
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What samples did you get? Coco eats the food when she isnt on Antibiotics. She is on the C/D and we just got the Royal Canin a feww weeks ago. I think your Cat is acting lazy because the fever. When my Meeko had a almost 105 fever last Jan she just layed there and did nothing. She didnt even eat. Give your Cat some time do that with fevers. I have no trouble with Coco taking the pills now that I got the pill pockets. She begs for more. I was told there is a Antibiotic Shot by Violet. She was telling me to ask the Vet about getting the Shot.See how your Cat does on the Pills first.
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I will check tomorrow what food sample they gave us. She retreated and hid in a corner of the basement room again tonight. But she did take her pill. I do hope she feels a little better and did not lose the will to stay with us. I love her dearly and would be very lost without her.
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I hope she will be ok. How do you give her the pill? I put Cocos in a chicken Flavored Pill Pocket and she begs for more. This is what I give her.
( How is your Cat eating and drinking/
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This is also what I am giving her a pill in (chicken flavored). She took one this morning as well. I hope the meds start working out for her soon. The doctor said that UTI was E.Coli related?

Besides leaving water for Coco, is there anything you do to keep her better hydrated? What about stimulating their appetite?

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I just leave the Water and she drinks it fine. You can try one of the Cat Waterfall things to get her to drink. Alot of people like them. Cocos first bladder infection in 2006 was E Coli. The one she has now came from her Depo she got for Asthma. How much is yout Cat eating now? When Meeko was sick they gave her a shot that makes them want to eat. Meeko had a Uro with high fever. Ask the Vet about that shot. I will look at the Vet bill and see what it was. How much water is your Cat drinking? They can give sub q's also. Meeko had that.
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Antibiotics may cause lack of appetite and not feeling well. Did your vet test the urine to see what type of bacteria and what antibiotics would work against it? Clavamox has more side effects than many others, I would research it and check with your vet. If your vet isn't concerned about the decline in kitty's weight and lack of response you need a new Vet! My cat has had 3 UTIs in 18 mos. she would not eat on Amoxicillin drops and we went to Baytril. She also got sub Q fluids daily to flush the bladder and my vet uses a Chinese herb Polyporous combo for a month. My cat also loves the bubble fountain so she drinks more. A fever will also cause them to quit eating and drinking. When my cats have eating issues my Vet puts them on Cyproheptadine, I think that is how you spell it. It is actually an antihistamine but it helps with appetite. My one cat eats everything in sight when she is given this! Another trick is to add extra water to the canned food.

Good luck
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I hope her Cat gets better. Thats why we try differant Meds with Coco. Our next step is Baytril. The more ewill work the best expensive Urine tests tells you what Meds will work the best also.
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A short update:

Clinically Djidji is doing better. She is out of the basement (where she only sleeps if she is sick). We let her outside yesterday and today. She even caught a mouse (we let the poor thing go, had to fight with her). She is drinking much more water than Sunday and yesterday, and eating a bit though I am still concerned because she is bony.

The pill-treats stopped working after pill 3 so we administer them now by putting it in her mouth. The pill is kind of small and we butter it up. Not as bad as the liquid which she sprayed out. But I think she is mad at us.

I am happy that she is incrementally drinking more. I read a bit and called the vet and ordered a supply of SubQ. However, I did not administer it tonight as I watched her drink and think she is doing ok. She likes to sleep outside (summer and mice), however tonight I kept her in as I would like to get a sense if she urinates or not (and if its concentrated).

New problem: our old Vet no longer works at our clinic. This Saturday we have taken her to the Emergency Room and the doctor there seemed more of an ER type doctor suggesting we follow up with our regular Vet. Now that our regular Vet is gone we need to find a new one.

There are two places and one large animal hospital. One place is out of the question as our first cat (back in 2001) they skipped the diagnosis of FeLV even though her blood work was off the charts. The second place is where we have her now but we don't know the new Vet. And the hospital I think they are more ER type place versus regular patients.

I am pondering what to do with the vet. With the last one I was the one asking questions about Cronic Renal Deficency versus failure, about SubQ etc. It seemed like the Vet did not know the best course of treatment.

I guess the best thing to do is to call and speak with the new Vet and see what they would recommend in terms of results.

What is your opinion on SubQ? I bought them at home but was thinking if she gets better and drinks more then maybe not get her on those? If I start it should I do it every single day or until the infection comes down?

Sight... I need a good Vet I guess

BTW; I called for bacteria test analysis and they are still not complete. I will know by Wed or Thu if Clovomax is working or we need to try something else.
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Pixel had her 1st UTI about 1.5 years ago... she was about 9.5-10 at the time. the clavamox worked well for her. she also doesn't do liquids well, won't eat treats [except for kitty kaviar, which you can't really wrap a pill in, ] so i always butter her pill & put it down her. i have a pill popper, but w/her my fingers are a better choice. she's not a biter [even tho she's declawed] & obviously can't scratch me to easily. i sit on the floor indian style & hold her between my legs to administer meds.
can't help w/vet advice - i've found a place i like ok for illnesses, & i take mine to the low-cost spay/neuter clinic for vaxes. they're all spayed/neutered now - Firefox also went there for her spay last fall.
if you're really worried about her drinking, fountains have a tendency to entice them to drink more. Pixel likes the drinkwell platinum, but everyone else here prefers the freshflow [which is also a bit less expensive]. i prefer the drinkwell because it's easier to clean.
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