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Ahhh! I see. I'd personally never invest in something like that because it's to "specialized". I can do the same thing in a blender, plus so much more. I used to go in for all of those specialty appliances but when I had to invest in a stand up cupboard just to store them because they made my counters look cluttered, I realized I had a problem and started to give stuff away.
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i have a regular blender... it lives in the cabinet! my magic bullet, OTOH, lives on the counter!
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Originally Posted by Meowmmy_Aprile View Post
Not a gadget but my most important kitchen item is a good set of knives. I will pay really well for a good knife.
Ahh, but you don't have to- Forschner knives consistently rate as good, if not better than Wusthof or Henckels in Cook's Illustrated magazine, the Consumer Reports for anyone interested in cooking.

I have an 8" chef's knife, a cleaver, a bread knife and several of their paring knives from the Fibrox series and they're excellent.

You can get them directly from them (http://forschnerknives.net) or off Amazon. They're dishwasher safe (though purists tell you not to put knives in the dishwasher- I say for a $20 knife, I'll risk it- I've been doing it for a year now and seemingly no damage.)

I have one of those orange peeler tools and I love it. I like to get my oranges very "clean" before I eat them and that thing really helps.

Love my microplane for zesting rinds, shaving fresh nutmeg and cheese.

I also have a Polder kitchen timer that I love. It's a digital timer, stop watch and clock all in one, with individual button for all the numbers, so it's very exact. You can wear it around your neck, so you'll hear it wherever you are.

Some stuff from Pampered Chef is good, some of it's kind of silly (anyone remember the Phil Hartman skit from SNL, "The Anal-Retentive Chef"- sort of reminds me of that!) I got one of those comb-like things that supposed to help you hold an onion in place while you slice- didn't work so well. One thing I do love is their pitcher with the plunger in the lid that you pull up and down, so if you have OJ, or another juice in there, you can stir up the pulp before you pour in your glass.

I would love to have a good quality mandoline, though! I say go for that!
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i would love the magic mixer, the small ones so i can chop up the stuff like onions, carrots and garlic and vegetables and fruit ect.

Cant wait to get my new set of frying pans and Pots. I am taking with me my metal utensils, but will need to get new silicone or wooden.

Technically, i need a whole new kitchen as the only appliance im taking is my ice crusher that i got as a gift for the engagement party.
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As far as pampered chef products go...I cannot live without my Mix N' Scraper!! Ever have a spatula break when making rice krispy treats? Not this puppy.

Also, since I do cake decorating and measure a lot of shortening, the Measure All cup is a MUST HAVE! There are other companies that make the same thing, but I haven't tried them.

Oh, and one last thing...their microfiber towels! I've tried store brands of microfiber towels and my pampered chef ones dry so much better! Just remember, don't use any kind of fabric softener with them (including dryer sheets).

Good luck choosing!
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All I really ask is that my knives be super sharp. Can't abide a dull knife! But i only need two of 'em: a flexible little paring knife for peeling, and a larger serrated knife for cutting corn off the cob and slicing bread.

And my little spatulas! There are these plain little metal spatulas with wooden handles that my mom and I both have been using for a million years, and they come in so handy! Love those things.

Beyond that, we enter fantasyland: I'd love to have a nice big double boiler for making chili con queso without burning the bottom! And I've always thought a crockpot would be a great way to make spaghetti sauce and chili, since they both need to simmer for a couple of hours.

And I agree -- a zester would be lovely, too! I used to make tricolor rotini with olive oil, fresh basil, minced garlic, cracked pepper (in all four colors -- black, white, pink, and green!), and shredded Grana Padano (back when I could afford it), and I'd sprinkle it with lemon juice at the table... but oh, lemon zest would be ever so much nicer!

Nikki, I've always wanted a smoothie maker -- but the doctor made me give up smoothies! He said they're just too high in calories. I still sneak over to Jamba Juice once a month or so when it's hot, though... and I'm very, very good: all I get is orange juice, strawberries, raspberries, peaches, a veggie protein boost, and a Heart Healthy boost. I Jamba Juice!
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I thought of another thing I have Rachael Ray pots and pans that I LOVE
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