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Peeing Issue

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Let me give you a little background.

My little Toby is nearly 4 now. He was born with Cerebral Displasia which means that though mentally he's all there he has some difficulties physically, he slips around and wobbles when he walks, loses his balance easily and often falls off beds/sofa's etc. He is the most adorable cat in the world, fantasically natured and loving. I had him from 2 weeks after he was found in the gutter on the street and past to me by a friend (a vet). I weaned him and everything has been great.

However, he has an incessant need to pee in the house. This is not down to a physical deficiency as he always goes outside for seconds, and sometimes many weeks pass when he'll go outside to pee.

I've tried litter boxes but they don't work because he can't easily and comfortably get inside and scratch around (even with the open top big litter trays)

He pee's in a)the hall carpet and b) two corners in the kitchen - both by frequently used doors so its not security he's looking for. I've tried to deter him by popping him outside when he goes but this is difficult as I can't be there everytime. I've covered spots with objects to deter him, constantly cleaned and refreshed, tried cling-film & citronella to deter him from these spots but nothing has worked.

Has the smell got in so much that everytime he strolls past he realises he's used this place again so just goes? If I replaced the carpet would this help? (though I think not because I have a new carpet in my bedroom and caught him going on that the other day).

Surely this has to be behavioural but I am at a complete loss as to how to try and break this cycle and show him that he has to pee outside. He already does go outside, just not all the time.

Any help would be very much appreciated because as much as I love the little blighter, it does get awful, especially when wanting to invite people over!

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I love the neuro-purros! These are very special, sweet, lovely kitties...

First of all make sure you do clean up with a really good enzyme cleaner, otherwise he will continue to target the same areas.

Instead of cat boxes, get large trays with very shallow lips, so that it's easy for him to navigate in and out of.

Another option is "Cat Paper". It's like piddle pads, but you can cut it to any size you want. You can encourage Toby to go to the bathroom on the cat paper, and then gradually move the cat paper into the shallow boxes by inching the paper towards the tray and then into the trays (takes a few weeks).
Marilyn Krieger, CCBC
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