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Advantage flea killer for cats

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A while ago there was an article on flea & tick killer than was deemed unsafe for cats, I have since forgotten which brands were bad.

I just purchased Advantage flea killer (purple box) for my 2 cats. I used to use Frontline Plus. I just want to make sure this wasnt the product that was deemed unsafe.
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Advantage is what my vet recommends for my CRF kitties. I presume it is safe, from everything that I've read. I only use it every 6 weeks or so, and only during the summer months. I use a full dose on non-CRF Lola, and 1/2 dose on Cleo & Maggie, who are CRF. It seems to work fine, as I've never had a flea infestation.
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This is all I use, and I have had no probs. It works wonderfully! I haven't heard anything bad about it either, but just like every product-if you search for bad reviews you would get some, not everyone is going to like something. LoL.
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Pepe was given revolution?
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Ok I guess it's safe then. I wasnt talking about bad reviews, but serious health concerns from the product that were found. Again, I havent heard anything bad about it, I just wanted to double check.
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I used advantage for years but use frontline now. I never had a Cat get sick from either.
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Perhaps you're thinking of Advantix? It's a flea medicine for dogs, but it's toxic to cats. There have also been some reports of side effects to ProMeris, which is still a very new medicine, but I haven't heard anything official.
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I've used Advantage, Frontline, and Revolution and never had any problems with any of them.
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Advantage is the only one we use because it is the product our Vet approves for Sierra with her special crf kidneys.
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