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Does anyone else

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have a hard time reading the posts in the "Crossing the Bridge" forum? I go and read a few and before I know it my eyes are filled with tears.. I just want to give all of you a big huge (((((((HUG)))))) I am so sorry for the loss of your babies and I know they are all watching over you now at the Rainbow Bridge...If you need to move this you can, but I just had to ask if anyone else has a hard time going and reading these?..I feel like all these animals are a part of me too when I am reading your posts and it just makes me sad.....ohh well...I just had to ask....
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oh ya!I only check in a couple of weeks.To much sorrow to read all at once.
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Yes, absolutely. I can't bear to think what it will be like when I have to say goodbye to any of my kids...
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Yes, I can only read a little at a time . . . it's so sad. I feel so bad for everyone who has lost one of their babies.
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Definatly,, I want to give my support in that forum but it is really painful to read.
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