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Question of the Day - June 19th!!

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Well, today is John's birthday and he decided to stay home from work. So that made me come up with the question

Do you stay home from work on your birthday?

I don't have a job outside the home at the moment, but if I did I would not take off on my birthday. It's just another day to me!
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Were usually on holiday at work when it falls on my birthday
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I went to work on my birthday because I didn't want anyone to know it was my birthday. When the ppl here know bad things tend to happen, for instance for my Fisrt Sargents birthday we saran wraped his whole office. A couple of other ppl hog tied him they let him go right away, but like I said bad things happen.
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Never! Who is lucky enough to do that??

I get to leave after a lesiurely lunch with my boss though
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I haven't worked on my birthday since I was 18!! That day I forbid myself to work.
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Not usually however this year my birthday fell on Good Friday and I actually had it off..If it hadn't been a Stat Holiday though I would have worked it.
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No. Why? I don't want anyone to know when my birthday is anyway.

My friends take theirs off every year... it baffles me.

(Though I suppose the one can't help it... she's an Independence Day baby...)
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Unfortunately I always been working every time of my birhtdays......just only on sundays donΒ΄t......
Great Question Brit!...
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I sometimes do, and I sometimes don't. This year, I did, and it ended up being the best decision I've made If I had gone to work, I would have ended up spending 8 hours in the hospital with a client, getting home at 8pm; instead, my bosses had to! That would've been the worst birthday ever.
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With my current job I try to get an excused absence on my B-day and use vacation hours. And, I've managed to do it so far. It doesn't matter if I'm there or not..there's over 100 people answering the phones so it's not like I'm going to be missed. My last job I did work on my birthday because I was the only one there so I really didn't have any choice.
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I would prefer not to work on my birthday, but it doesn't always work out, of course.
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My husband and I go away on vacation every year for our birthdays.
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My wonderful employer gives us a free excused absence on our birthdays. So yes indeed, I do.
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For the last 2 years my birthday was in the holidays, but it has been on a Friday 13th!
So I just didn't tell anybody about it really apart from my close friends, but I wouldn't skip work for it (I haven't got a job yet lol) Depending on how badly I wanted to celebrate!
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I usually work on my birthday if i'm suppose to since I don't like leaving people in the lurch without someone comming in and plus I could use the money
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My birthday is around when we're shutting down for Christmas, so occasionally we're not even working. That will be the case this year. But if we're not closed yet, I just take extra days -- I always have enough vacation or banked overtime -- to extend my time off to include my B-day.
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My work gives us the day off with pay for our birthday. If we happen to work that day, we get another day off with pay. When the first Monday in August happens to be the 6th, its a holiday and then I get the day off with double pay.

I have only ever worked once on my birthday and it was my 20th and my boss scheduled me even though I booked it off.
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It depends which day of the week my birthday falls on as to whether I have it off work or not..this year I didn't have it off as I had two clients to visit in the early hours of the morning and couldn't re-schedule them.

Maybe next year though?
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Usually I'm on break from school, and sometimes it lands on Thanksgiving. I never had to request it off. this year its on a Monday. College will be going on then, but I won't have any classes, nor will I be at my paying job since Mondays will be designated for my field placement. I'll probably go to that though.
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I never take the day off for my birthday. I've taken a day that happens to be my birthday off for other reasons (it's close to mother's day, so I've actually taken my birthday off work to treat my mom!). My boss would hate if I did take it off (would grant it to me if I asked in advance), and I like saving up a bunch of days then taking a week or two off!

My husband's birthday is Dec 28, so it's right between Christmas and New Year's. So even though his employer gives it to him off, when you only work the 26 - 29th between two four day weekends, it's really hard to take that day off! So usually he saves it for another time.
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I have always worked on my birthday, but after reading this I may not next year
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I am a stay at home Mom of three, two dogs and right now 7 cats, What is a day off?
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My birthday usually falls around the Memorial Day weekend. I don't intentionally take my birthday off, but often I have it off due to the holiday!
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I usually take the day off for my birthday. Colin also has the same birthday as me- so we normally celebrate together when we can
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At our company we have what they call "floating" holidays. Meaning you can pick a day that may or may not be a holiday and take the day off. Most years we get three. I could choose my birthday if I wanted to. But I don't

I try to pick other days that make more sense. Like if we have a paid holiday that happens to fall on a Tuesday then I would schedule the Monday before that as one of my "floating" holidays.
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I don't believe I've ever taken off work on my birthday. Well, except this past birthday - because I was on my honeymoon I did take off school a few times during HS and middle school.

The year before, it was on a Saturday. The year before that, my job had "Birthday Leave", and you could leave work after 4 hours of being there. So you got a half day on your birthday, but you could use it any day within 30 days of your birthday. I used it on my birthday since it was a Friday, and I only worked 6 hours on Fridays anyway.

In 2006 both Rob and I took his birthday off, and the day after. In 2007 we both worked and I surprised him at work with mini-cupcakes and lunch
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