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Daily Thread Thurs June 19th!

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Morning all!

I am off to the gym early this morning. We have a work bbq at my boss' place after work so I can't go to the gym then.

Nothing much other than that..excited for the upcoming weekend as it brings me closer to my trip to Ottawa next weekend

Rainy and chilly today I think.

Have a great day folks!
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I'm preparing for my trip to Paris tomorrow
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I'm not doing much this morning, just lazing about on TCS Then later I have my final exam and then I never have to go to school!!
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Well today I'm enjoying my last full free bossless day at the office as she is due back in London from Vancouver tomorrow at 11am and I can guarentee you that she will be in the office in the afternoon!

Actually I'm shattered today because I stupidly had a can of Red Bull at about 7:00 last night . By 9pm it was beginning to kick in and I started furiously cleaning the house (not that it's untidy or infact dirty... I'm a little bit of a clean freak!)... and it never has that effect on me... can drink it until the cows come home and nada, niks and nothing... BUT I'd done a load of washing, swept and cleaned the kitchen floors, changed litter, cleaned the bath, sink and bathroom windowsill and STILL wasn't tired at 12:00!

Finally fell asleep at 2 after forcing myself to watch the most boring drivil on TV!
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Maybe I should try Red Bull after I was so tired earlier this week!

Another cool morning 51F (11C) but should be mid 70's later today.

I am finishing one job this morning and a weekly client after that. I could then be at another house to finish there and not work tomorrow but my right hamstring is really tight and wrists ache a bit so I will not do so.

The girls are sleeping on the bed and Bakker on the ottoman and Ox in garage.

I'm watching two wrens decide if they want to move into a birdhouse in one flower bed.

Tonite is Hosta Society garden tour and plant sale-Neil & I dropped plants off last nite that I have overwintered for the sale and the lady has lots of varieties-she said over 550!! I wrote down names of 8 that we like, but will have to find spots for them! This is one of our two fundraisers we have yearly and we raise money to donate to local botanical gardens and we started to fund a horticulture scholarship.

Thats about all going on today-once again will try to work a couple of hours in my yard-I see that along with the vegetables in my garden I am growing a nice crop of weeds!!

Have a good one.....
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Morning All!!!

Chilly and raining here this morning..

Heading off to work shortly not to busy of a day ahead just a couple of meetings, schedules and purchase orders to finish up.

Visiting with my brother after work, today is his 60th birthday so I am going to have to rub that is a bit..

The kitties are having lots of fun this morning..Sassy has decided to be energetic and is chasing the youngster's around the house..They both love when he plays with them and they get so excited..It is quite cute.

Everyone have a great day
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Morning all

Today is cloudy rain showers and a bit cool

Pepe is having a very evil night and day today and decided to pee in my bedroom for making him take his pill last night I think?

cleaned all morning and now i'm relaxing on TCS

Hope everyone has a wonderful day
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Originally Posted by fwan View Post
I'm preparing for my trip to Paris tomorrow
Lucky. I want to go to Paris.

Today I am working 5-9:30. It's pay day today. I need to save for the wedding though and can't do my usual spending on pay day.
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Good morning!

I have a very exciting day today- I go in for my first prenatal appointment!! My husband and I want to start trying for kids in a few months, so we wanted to start the process and getting advice so we can be at our healthiest early. I'm happy!

We also got some other good news- our new Prius is in Benecia and we should have it around the 25th!

In regular news, the weather is nice today- yay!- and the boss comes back.

The kitties are great! Oh, those kittens are just SERIOUS HEART MELTERS. I got some good cuddles from the "big three"- Calypso, Davy Jones, and Jack. They will be great additions to someone's family!!

Evie is good, too. But she cuddled more with her daddy this morning than me. Traitor!

Tomorrow I have an all day court case for work, so if I don't get on before work (like I didn't this morning...), I won't be on probably at all!

Happy Thursday to all!!
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