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How does Pumpkin work?

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Well, we got our new baby dog on Thursday. We named him Bruno (Thanks Arlyn, Laureen227, GoldenKitty 45, StarryEyedTiger, Vixen16, and Lauracatlover for helping me name him) I’ve been meaning to thank you all on that thread and add his photos there, its pretty busy having a new dog though!

Anyway, typical me blabbering off topic. The poor baby, even though it was obvious he would have it, has diarrhea. The SPCA told us what food he was eating there, and to mix it with whatever food we are putting him on. Thing is, I am at the SPCA all the time and know they eat whatever they can get so I am not even sure if mixing will work. I am debating on just feeding him the Eukanuba I am switching him too.

I have also been feeding him half a cup of rice morning and night, although I am not sure if that does anything since I just mix it with his food. I bought a can on 100% pumpkin but when I asked them how much to feed him they didn’t know. Do I mix 1 tablespoon morning and night with food? That’s just a guess.

I just feel so bad. He poos his diarrhea, walks a few feet and tries again. It may take up to 4 tries before it all comes out… I feel so bad because that can’t feel nice. When he comes in I will rub his poor little belly, which he totally loves LOL

A vet visit will have to be a last resort. We had to buy him, his crate, leash, food, etc PLUS we just bought a fence so he can run around. I need at least 2 weeks before I can take him to the vet.

Any advice would be great! I’m more just asking (I did blabber on again!!) how much pumpkin, and if I should just feed him his new food without mixing.
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got this from a dog website, maybe able to help! Hope the lil bugger feels better soon!

Add a probiotic powder to the dog's water, or feed your dog a brand of healthy pet food that includes probiotics.
Refresh (dump, wash bowl, refill) several times daily.
Fast the dog for 12 hour or until the dog is "empty." If the stool is volunimous and continues even when the dog should be "empty", see your vet, it may be a bacterial infection.
Give 100% pure canned pumpkin (NOT the pumkin pie filling with sugars and spices). Most dogs love the flavor of pumpkin, but it is a unique fiber that regulates the bowel. It will color the stool.
Feed the next meal of easy to digest foods - cooked chicken (no sauces, gravy or skin) and boiled white rice (no butter or flavourings) is a good start.
Gradually add in the dog's regular diet. If the diarrhea returns after your dog is back to its regular diet, see your vet immediately!
Feed plain boiled chicken (shredded after cooked) and plain boiled white rice. Both are gentle and will help bind your dog. The added moisture in the food will also help to keep your dog hydrated.

Dogs with diarrhea can dehydrate quickly. Provide ample fresh water and ensure that your dog is drinking. If your dog is dehydrated and will not drink or is vomiting, see your vet immediately!
If your dog is not drinking enough water put some chicken broth in the water. If this does not encourage your dog to drink - go to your vet immediately, they can give a fluid injection.
Mucous in diarrhea indicates an irritated bowel. Parasites, raw pork hearts and medical conditions can cause mucous in the stool.
Diarrhea accompanied with vomiting is a serious concern, go to the vet!
If it is bloody or explosive see your vet.
Don't give your dog new foods that they have never eaten while you are still treating the diarrhea.
Green-tinged diarrhea in puppies may indicate coccidosis, see your vet.
Watery diarrhea in puppies is life threatening if not treated immediately. Go to the vet!
Some dogs do not react well to canned dog food. Consider feeding your dog a premium dry food, or a mixture of canned and dry.
If in addition to Diarrhea your dog has a fever or is suffering from abdominal pain or bloating this can indicate a serious condition, you should contact your vet immediately
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