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Cat only covrs poop whenever she feels like it

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So Penny covers her poop 99% of the time but Daisy only covers 30% of the time ... if I'm lucky. Why? Even the best litter in the world won't do squat if kitty doesn't cover

Anyway, on a separate note I realized something I should have realized a long time ago. We love it when our cats are healthy, happy and well behaved because we feel we have a big part in that. Like a reflection of us
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That would indicate that Daisy is the Alpha cat.
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Some cats cover, some don't. I say be glad the cat is using the litter box whether or not she covers. Some say its a sign of dominance to not cover, but I've had dominate cats cover and non-dominate ones not cover - so that messes up that theory
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My non dominant never covers. He tries but he uses the wall, the carpet or the side of the box to try and cover. He will sit there for 15 mins just running his paw on the wall. I don't think he likes to get his paws dirty. I have to go behind him with the scoop. Once I scoop it he will walk away. My dominant cat goes around the boxes and covers everything. He has now taught the kitten to do it and she will go in with one of my other cats wait til they are done in the box and go in the box and make sure everything is covered to her satisfaction it is the funniest thing.
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My baby-cat is the same way - she covers whenever she wants to(or feels like to?), but usually, when she doesn't, that means she is telling me "time to add more new litters!(not enough there to cover my poo poo)"
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Thanks. C'est la vie
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My older cat Rascal is the same way, he rarely covers.

At first it really used to bug me, especially for the smell, but now I just laugh and say "uh oh, Rascal's given us a gift again". Often my younger cat Samson will go and cover up after him, unless I can beat him to it with the scooper

Like Meowmmy's baby, Rascal does not want to get his paws dirty and will run his paws over the cat mats and he makes meticulously sure he hasn't "touched the poop" in any way.

It's kinda cute actually that he doesn't want to get his paws dirty or anything. I used to think it was a dominance thing, but now I'm thinking it's a more a cleanliness thing, in that he doesn't want his paws to touch it in any way.

Who knows?
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I have just gotten a kitten who also only covers her poop when she wants to. There are no other animals in the house (not including my animal-like room mates) so it cant be a dominance thing, and she covers her pee! so why not the poop?? Her box is cleaned regularly and there is always sufficient litter in the box to begin with. whats going on?
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I'm starting to seriously think it's because they don't want to get their paws dirty Covering the pee doesn't get their paws "dirty" in the same way if you know what I mean.
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This is an excellent issue for TheCatSite's current guest expert, Marilyn Krieger.
She is addressing litter box problems.

You can ask her questions by starting your own thread and also learn a lot by reading Marilyn's responses to other members questions.
The below link will take you there....
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