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a prank on my vet...

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Me and my favorite tech thought this up last week.
Our vet is one of the ppl who zooms around trying to do lots of things at once, so he doesn't always notice if osemthing isn't *quite* right...

I often drop a cat off in the morning for observation or a thorough exam if the kitty is sick, then call later to see what they found.

We have a lot of stuffed animals...
We wrapped up one very fluffy kitten stuffie in a towel, put it in a carrier, adn took it in this morning. We filled out an intake sheet for her, 3 months old, "lethargic and unresponsive since last night."

The tech is going to set up the stuffie in a cage w/food & water & a litter box...

We'll see how long it takes for the vet to notice that it isn't a real cat.


we have to go by these this afternoon with Baby, he needs his rabies shot AND a urinalysis cuz he has been peeing on the floor.
So I will ask, in my best worried voice, "have you had a chance to look at Callie yet?"

we'll let you know what happens.
have to go feed tiny babies now!

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I like it!
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Cute April Fool's prank!!!! How'd it go???
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Hahahahahahaha!!!!! That's so funny! I want to find out how it went too.
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Took Baby to the vet and asked "did you get to look at the cat I dropped off?"
well, it was a different vet there in the morning, this is the head vet. He said "Oh, I didn't know you had dropped one off!!!" and rushed to teh back.
He came out a few minutes later with that *look* and said "I think the cat is arthritic, she seems very stiff."

i love my vet

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Good one!
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now that's not a bad idea! You got my wheels turning (I work for a vet too, though not directly. My vet is my boss, but I'm the groomer, so I'm tucked away in my little corner while the clinic is upstairs... maybe I can get a receptionist in on it...)

My vet has gotten a few zingers in himself. I remember he kept a pelt of absolutely solidly matted cat hair (I clipped off the cat under anaesthetic), wrapped it in brown paper and sent it as a "toupet" to a bald friend of his!:tounge2:
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Today i put our cat Sterling in the bathroom. We have a screened in back yard area that out cats could get out of if they tried to. When Steven came home today I told him that I couldn't find Sterling anywhere and that the last place I saw him was out in the back yard. Steven started looking all over the house for the cat. He looked in cabinets, under beds, all over. I let him keep looking and even helped him, while I acted frantic Finally, he found Sterling in the bathroom and came out into the kitchen all happy. I said..."April Fool's"!!! He was so relieved, it was pretty funny! Sterling was happy to be out of the bathroom.

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