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I know this has been talked about a zillion times, but my cat meows and talks constantly. It's usually very funny. We talk back and forth. She meows when she jumps in the window, she meows when she jumps down. She meows when she chases her toys. I usually just chalk it up to 'talking'. lol

But lately, she meows as she's falling asleep. This morning she came into my bed and laid next to me. I wasn't quite awake yet, so she nodded off and was meowing every few seconds. As I pet her, she meowed some more.

I suppose she can be hungry, but there is dry food in the morning for her downstairs in the kitchen. I give her a bit of wet before I leave for work. Can she really be that hungry all the time? She gets about 3/4 cup of food per day, plus about 2 oz of wet. She's 10-months, spayed and about 10 pounds. She did have a sibling, who died a few months ago. Could she be lonely?

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Some cats will vocalize more during transitional phases, so the death of her sibiling could very well be the cause. That would be my guess if she's physically sound and you're feeding her as she should be fed. She'll need extra lovins' during this time! But if it's really excessive, answering and comforting her meows while she's falling asleep only reinforces the behavior. My new boy, Billy, meowed nonstop at me and the door after he arrived home. I'd just go about my business and ignore him. But the moment he plopped his little bum down and quit begging, I'd GUSH all over him! It's been only four days, but it has definitely helped to redirect his energy!

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i think the possibility of loneliness is there, but i have [among my 5] 2 major talkers, 2 sometimes talkers, & 1 practically silent kitty. Pixel in particular has a tendency to 'talk back' when i speak to her.
i posted in the other thread my recommendations for a possible companion kitty.
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