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Finally getting spayed!

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My kitty who's babies are now 3 months old is getting spayed thursday. Please wish her luck! My other kitty Olive who's babies are now 9 weeks old is getting spayed when she gains some weight because she is now kind of skinny from nursing her babies. 1 of her 5 babies is in his new home now. Today 3 more go to new homes and that will just leave 1 to find a home for. I'm going to try to talk the couple that is getting one today to adopt the remaining baby.
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I know you'll miss the babies, but happy to know the moms won't have to go thru this again
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Thank you!
Well all babies were adopted exept for Pumpkin who is going to her new mom and dad Friday. Here are the last pictures I took of the babies before they went to their new homes.
Peanut went to a very nice couple who were very very exited to get her. I think they will make a terrific home for her. They said they would call and give lots of updates and send pictures.

Guava went to an awesome family too. I was so sad to see him go but for now 2 cats is enough for me.

Bean and Clemintine went to a nice couple and their daughter who I know will love them. They said they would send pictures.

And Friday Pumpkin is going to a couple for a fathers day gift for the womans husband (he has been wanting a cat)
I took these pictures of her today.

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Bean and Clemetine are definately smokes I'm still unsure of Guava. Before Guava goes, check the undercoat on the color part on the back. If the undercoat next to the skin is whitish, then Guava is a smoke.

The other two definently have the smoke undercoat that shows
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lol he is already in his new home but yes he does have white at the base of his hairs. I already posted this. I thought we said clemintine was a blue silver cream patched? And my little Sophie girl is at the vet right now getting spayed. I don't get to pick her up until tomorrow morning. I hope everything goes ok.
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Awww! The babies are beautiful

and here are some good spay for Sophie!
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awww... some more easy spay vibes for Sophie!

barring anything crazy happening, the babies Ginger and Marianne are set to get spayed in 2 weeks...
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Good luck with those little girls getting spayed! I would love to see pictures of them I bet they are big girls now. I'm glad all Sophies babies are in good homes. Well the vet called and Sophie made it through her surgery just fine. I get to pick her up in the morning.
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That's great! They are all so pretty. You should take the babies in to be spayed and neutered as well as that you will make sure it is done. Unless you know all the new owners and can make sure they do it ASAP. No reason to wait, you don't want those babies to end up having babies!
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Thanks! I didn't get kitties spayed before being adopted but made sure to find good owners that promised to spay them and keep them as indoor cats. I can't afford to get them spayed so I did the next best thing. I feel very confident that all the babies have terrific homes.
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She is back home and her incision looks good. She is pretty tired but seems to be doing great. She ate and drank a little bit this afternoon.
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I'm glad to hear Sophie came through the surgery well! Marianne is getting spayed next week, but Ginger has to have a hernia surgery with her spay so she is getting spayed after the 4th of July!
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Goodness I didn't know Ginger had a hernia. The best of luck with that! And good luck with Marianne's spay. Olive was spayed Tuesday and came through just fine. Sophie is completely healed up now and is just growing back some fur.
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