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Wish me luck!!

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Some of you may remember how I tried getting into the local county library system last fall.... well they couldn't verify my references for some odd reason, so I got yanked from the qualifying list... well, I'd applied for Library Clerk as well (the one last fall was for Library Page, same as what I do now)... and didn't hear anything until a month ago...

I went in for testing, the computer program they needed had been deleted by IT when they did an upgrade... so we all came back. I did my test, fast as usual (not hard, really), and get called for an interview. My interview is this morning, at the downtown library branch.

It's on-call work at first... that's how you get into this particular county system... they hire permanent posts from the on-call pool. It starts at nearly $14 an hour... I asked at the test if I could send extra references, and she said yes... so I emailed them to her, as requested. So there REALLY shouldn't be a problem there.

So, wish me luck, keeps fingers crossed for me, etc, etc... I really want to get into this county... I can quit my other library job, which is a hellish commute for under $10/hour, and just stay at the store, which is close and has a flexible schedule... from what it sounds like, the good ones don't stay on on-call for very long... and i have customer service skills like crazy...

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that sounds terrific my friend!.......

(((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((( ))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))
for you donĀ“t get nervous at the entreview...

and ...for everything goes all right!!!......

please amanda, keep us updated about it!!!...
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That you get the awesome job! That sounds great, more money and a better commute, can't ask for more!

That you wow and amaze them at your interview! You'll do great!

Keep us updated!
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sounds great I really hope you get it
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That sounds like a great opportunity. Good luck!
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The interview went well... I think I did pretty good. It was a committee of four people, six main questions, which were on a sheet in front of me as well, so I knew what was coming.

I had quite the adventure getting there. I was aiming to take the MAX train downtown, but the second of two trains that would've gotten me there on time was leaving as I pulled into the parking lot... then I chose to drive, and the Steel Bridge (one of seven bridges into downtown, it's a Portland thing) was closed to cars for refitting, starting today... something i didn't know about until I GOT there... whoops. Cursing a blue streak, I made my way to the Broadway Bridge (north of the Steel), hightailed it across, still cursing at myself, Trimet (trains), and traffic in front of me... I was now of the belief I'd be late... the one good thing was that when I finally arrived at my destination, there were four street parking spaces open one block over from the door I needed to report to... I arrived three minutes early... barely. A real adventure... good thing the interview went smoothly. I was a touch nervous, but the questions weren't difficult. I have loads of experience in customer service related fields...

I'll hear back the week of the 23rd... so it'll be an agonizing two weeks!!!

Thank you everyone!!!
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Sounds like you stayed cool under a lot of pressure, jus trying to get to the interview!

From reading your two postings, I think you will have a really good chance at the job.

I would hire you
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Good luck! I hope you get it!
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Good luck!!
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Glad the interview went well!! Sending many vibes that you get the job!

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Good luck, hope you get the job.
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