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Support for a fellow cat owner

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I came to this site several years ago when my companion of seven years was doing poor.

This morning, a coworker of mine was on her way to the vet to make a very difficult decision. Her cat has had diabetes for several years and his kidneys are failing.

I was just hoping that you guys could share some kind words to lift her spirits.


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I'm so sorry to hear about your friend's cat. It's truly heartbreaking when we have to make these decisions. When I had to say goodbye to my babies, I asked myself what was best for them and not for me.

It's a sad fact of life that we outlive our pets, but the way I look at it is I had my time with them and now it's time for someone else to share my life with. All my current cats were shelter rescues and they might not be alive if my other cats were still with me.
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I'm very sorry that your co-worker has to make this decision. It's a very difficult one, but the last gift of love you can give your pet - an easy death.
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So sorry about your Co Workers Cat.
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Sending thoughts and prayers your way...
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I was just in this position about 6 weeks ago. My DBF's cat (and mine partially too) had a lower urinary tract disease that just wasn't going to go away or be treated with medicines. It meant a long painful life with eventual premature death. Instead of putting him through lots of pain, my DBF decided to let him be put to sleep. He was only 3 years old. It was really painful for both of us, and we went through the typical stages of grief, but we ultimately felt like we did the best thing FOR THE CAT - not for us. It still hurts when we think about him but we still have 3 wonderful guys to love and take care of.

It is a really difficult decision and hard to get over, but if the kitty is going to die anyway, it's best to go ahead and do it early when the pain is the least.

I am so sorry to hear stories like this. It always breaks my heart when a fellow cat lover has to say goodbye to their own. So sorry, sending many happy vibes your coworker's way.
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My coworker decided it was time yesterday. Prayers and thoughts go out to Jordan.

Can somebody create a link like this one?
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i am so sorry
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poor little one RIP
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