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I got the Royal Canin Urinary Yesterday

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I gave Coco a can today and she ate it all. She is looking for more right now. Should she just have one can per day?
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If its the normal 6.5 oz can and you are only feeding that (not the dry) then split it into 2 meals (or even 3 meals - give a 1/3 of the can rather then 1/2)
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Its the 5.8 ounce Can. She has dry food also but she wont eat it. I will give her part of a can instead of the whole can. The Dry is C/D.
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Well that's the problem - none of my cats ever ate the SD (I used it a long time ago with my pregnant rex and she hated the stuff - so I switched to Iams and she and the rest of the rexes became Iams cats till they died.

Mine like the RC for Urinary. Took Ling a few days of not eating it, till she decided that was the only dry in the house and now she eats it.
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Its strange because she used to eat half a dish of dry C/D a day and now she dosent really like it. How long has your Cat been on it. Coco was on S/D for a month for Strovite Stones in Aug 2006. After that she was put on C/D dry and wet. She had a staph and ecoli infection with the Stones. The stones went away with the S/D and never came back. She still keeps getting the Bladder Infections. The last two were caused buy the Depo Medrol Shot. She has 2-4 more weeks on the Cefa Drops then they will do another Urine test.
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I think Charlie had the UTI in October or November of last year and has no reoccurance since (thank God). But I get Max Cat lite or senior and the Natural Balance for the canned foods.
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Cocos very first one was when she was 9.5 and was very sick. She had a Gluclose of 329 and bun of 91 then and almost died. She had so many tests to see what she had and the Er Vet said to have her Pts but get a 2nd opinion. We took her straight to our Vet from Er and she stayed a week and it was Fia.
She now tests neg to it. Her next Bladder problem was in 2006. Thenshe had another last Nov and now. It took from Nov to Jan to get rid of it. I hope your Cat will not get any more of them. Coco can not have any more Depo Shots and now has a Inhaler for her Asthma. I gave her 1/3 of the Can today.
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Me too. While I'd like to switch to another dry food that is a bit more reasonable, since he's done well so far and is retired from showing (cause he won't go when at the show and holds it in), I don't want to take the chance of him blocking again.

I've only had one other cat have an UTI - my first one and he got it when he was about 9-10 yrs old (a one time thing). Only thing that I've heard is that if they get it when young, they can have problems of reoccurence the rest of their life. I hope there is better foods out there now, so we don't have a problem in the future!
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