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June Contest - "Cat" Days of Summer  

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We're doing a new series of contests starring....YOUR KITTIES!

The theme for June is sleeping or lazy cats, or cats lounging in the sun.

Rules: Only one photo per member can be submitted, but you can change your mind and post a better picture throughout the submission period. You must own the rights to the photo (i.e. if you didn't take the picture, it's not yours), it must be clear, not photoshopped (although basic altering, such as cropping, brightness, etc. is allowed), and applies to the theme of the month. No cats can be harmed for the purposes of this contest! Mildly annoyed, yes, but not actually harmed (pretty much goes without saying). The winner will be chosen through a narrowing down process by the site team to the top 10 submissions, and then a popular vote via poll by the members will choose our top 3 winners!

Please be sure to tell us the name of the kitty(ies) in the photo, for award/future purposes. The prize will include, points, a custom signature and bragging rights for having the first, second and third place Ms. or Mr. June. The 1st place winner will also have a copy of the 2009 Cats of TheCatSite Calendar sent to them when it's finished. The calendar will include at least the top 3 place cats (possibly more depending on how close the votes are) from each monthly contest!

We also need to mention that winners may be asked to email full sized versions of the photograph to a moderator, and winning images will be used for future TCS projects made available for purchase to other members and the public (see above).

Deadline for submission is June 21, 2008.

All members, moderators, admin, and site owner are eligible for this contest.
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Here is Riley crashed out after a 2 day drive at Christmas!

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Onyx (top left hanging), Jade (top right lounging), and Rikki (bottom).
Completely passed out after 30 minutes of hard play.

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Here's Little One and Harley after a hard day of playing....

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here's my entry: Ball Java!

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Here's Salt with his first cat toy...

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Here's mine! Enzo telling mom the AC is too chilly!

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Here is Spook and GiGi - Spook took her in like he was her mom!

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great pic i wish i had my camra plug
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Duchess was always sleeping on my books.
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Originally Posted by AlleyGirl View Post
Here is Riley crashed out after a 2 day drive at Christmas!

I Love this boy Paula
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I can't decide! Which one do you think is best?



Rusty and Dusty

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Gretta, our last foster kitten, lounging in the sun after playtime:

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Oops, changed my mind already (may not be the last time, lol)

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<---I Like this one the best but they were all cute.
Originally Posted by Catkiki View Post
I can't decide! Which one do you think is best?
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Kitty lounging in the sun.....

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This is Kisky.

She was my dad's cat, and I was supposed to bring her with me when I moved out. A few weeks before I was going to bring her home, she disappeared. I was heartbroken and put up flyers and visited the local shelter to look for her. It's been 7 months, and I still look for her on the local shelter website.

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Four of a Kind

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I wish I could enter 2 pics but I narrowed it down to this one at the moment.

Here is my little girl, Dusty, falling out of her condo

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Kismet in a sunbeam!! she loves them!!! this was an easy photo to get

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My 3 sleeping in the sun on a very hot day this past summer, poor Ana doesn't look too comfortable.

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I just saw Petunia laying on her back by the window and it was so cute that I changed my photo!
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2 month old Ulty Matte having a sweet dream.

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Here's my RB kitty Gaia in the sun
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Here are my "sleeping beauties" - Oreo and Snickers. They are sharing. Awww.
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Originally Posted by gayef View Post
Four of a Kind


I thought mine was pretty cute... but you've got 3 more!
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Here's my entry for now... this is one of my all time favorite pics of Frankie.

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Okey Dokey, Here's my entry;

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