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Saturday! What are Your Plans?

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Morning All!!!

Going to be another scorcher here today, we had very severe thunderstorms most of the night and now the humidity is off the charts..

Heading off to work soon, not to busy of a day head so hope to be finished up by 2 if possible.

Need to run a few errands afterwards then grabbing some Chinese for dinner..

Guess I will grab a couple of movies as well and just have a lazy evening in front of the TV.

Kitties are all stretched out on my bed in front of the fan they definitely don't aren't to energetic..

Everyone have a great day
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Big storm this AM already, I'm putting one door back on the hinges, fixing the scratches in another, & taking the poor freaked out dog to the vet to get her paws looked at.

Then off to the shelter, then shopping.
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I am working 2-8:30 tonight. I am really not looking forward to it because the cashier working tonight is new and I am not sure she can handle being the only cashier from 4-8, especially while I am on break and she is completely alone.

There is a chance of storms here tonight and its supposed to be really hot and humid. There is actually a chance of storms for today, Sunday and Monday.
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We are going to pick up husband's new suit that is ready, and then we are going shoe shopping for me. I need some fancy shoes to go with my fancy new outfit for the fancy wedding we are going to at the end of this fancy month.

I don't like shopping!
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I am going to set myself here on the computer & try to do NOTHING! I have the girls all over the computer screen trying to catch the icons on the screen.

It makes life here tough, hard to read between the ears!
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Went to work for 2 hours this morning to get some OT. Waiting on DH to leave work - he is putting in a 2nd air conditioner in one of the build rooms so they can have A/C in both instead of only one. Hopefully he won't be much longer, so we can go home and relax a bit. It's 92* out (feels like 96*) and just so icky!! It's going to be 98* tomorrow, arghhh.

Tonight is date night, not sure where we are going yet, but looking forward to it!
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I spent the morning outside working with the horses, while John worked on his motorcycles. Then he went to a friend's house to work on a boat and I got some cleaning done. Now I'm just sitting here relaxing until he gets back.
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Its 74 right now and very Windy again. It should be 91 today. We are going to the Modesto Nuts Baseball game tonight.
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worked all day, left the house before 7am.
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We went to a wedding in the early afternoon. We were home by 6 so it's nice to relax now. The wedding was outside, and it was 90 degrees. And there was no covering or breeze or anything. It was so hot, and everyone was sweating. Then the reception was inside in the A/C. It was a beautiful wedding. This was the first of four that we are going to between June and September. Gives me some ideas for when we get engaged on what I want for my wedding.
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I spent the afternoon with my aunt. We had a good time together just having a girls day out. We had lunch at Olive Garden and then went shopping at the mall and at hobby lobby for a few hours.

We kept picking out cute baby stuff for my cousin who just found out she's excpecting and planned what to get her for her baby shower/etc. We had a lot of fun It helped take my mind off yesterday and Jasmine too so that helped a bit.

At the moment i'm just hanging out with Whiskey(dog) and Kojak and we're watching "One Fine Day" (Colin is in his office playing "command and conquer generals" and avoiding the chick flick)
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