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cat coughing

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I have 6 cats, all up to date on their vaccinations, and one by one, have started coughing, its kind of like they are trying to cough up a hairball, but its just a dry cough. Does anyone know what this may be?I am going back to the veterinarian on Tuesday with my kitten, who is isolated from the others, he had a really bad URI. He is getting much better! The other ones started this coughing thing. The kitten does not cough so I dont know if they have picked up what he had or if it is something else. What makes me think it may be something else is that the kitten never had a cough, just congestion and URI symptoms. But he is getting so much better now, but I still have him away from the others till he goes back to the vet on Tuesday for a checkup. They seem to feel fine, just that cough a few times a day is the only symptom so far. They are eating and drinking fine and playing.
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Although it's not heard of alot, it's possible that bordatella or kennel cough is going around. If the kitten came from a shelter, it could have come in the house this way. It's airborne, so even isolation isn't 100% effective. If it were just one or two of them, it might be hairballs, but with all of them doing it..it sounds like more than that.
Have you changed anything in the house? Any cleaning chemicals, laundry soap, etc? It may be something else in the air as well.
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I thought it might be pollen, they stay out on our screened in porch alot, and there is so much pollen right now, its just yellow out there from all the pollen on things. They dont seem really sick, just the coughing, and its not constant, just a couple times a day. I am going to ask my vet about it on Tuesday and may have to bring them in to see whats going on. I thought of bordetella too, hope its not that.
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I have 5 kitties. Not too long ago one of them started to
cough, the next day another and before too long they all were coughing. They all had URI. Two of them had to go on prednisone and antibiotics. The others just antibiotics. I almost lost one because she was so ill. I too thought at first it might be an alergy of some sort because they all sounded like they had a sinus problem. But when the wheezing started and they breathed through their mouths I knew it was more that just an alergy. They started with a cough on a Monday and by Wednesday mornign all 5 were at the vet. It all happened very quickly. I now would take them in at the very first sogn of a cough. Hope this whole long dialog helps.
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