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Nikita almost caught a bird today

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Summer has finally kicked in in Scotland now and I was out in the garden with Nikita on her leash enjoying the good weather.

Then suddenly a low flying bird came flying past and Nikita launched herself at it, I was sitting on the ground and she seemed like she was flying

She jumped around 5 feet into the air after the bird and she got high enough but wasn't quite fast enough so the bird barely escaped.

Still woah, I wish I'd had a video camera because that was really neat to see.

Nikita was really worked up after this and went to hide in case the bird would return but no such luck.
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So glad that Nikita didn't get the birdie. Butzie is a real huntress. She unfortunately brings in birds at times. She brought in a Rufous-sided Towhee and a CA Towhee that both died at the animal shelter. Butzie brought in a baby Scrub Jay, but it had no marks and all its feathers so I let it go and it flew up, a good sign (BTW, see Not my loguats in the CL for that story).
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She only goes outside on a harness and leash so I wasn't really expecting her to almost catch a bird out there with me in the garden. I was glad though that the bird escaped. There's a nest in a smallish tree in the garden so I think it was the mama bird that Nikita almost got.
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Big excitement for Nikita! I'm glad that she didn't actually catch it, but it sure is exciting for them to try. It's amazing how quick they can be too.
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Her own real life Da Bird! Imagine her shock if she had caught it and it wriggled!

I can only imagine how exciting that must have made her day
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Bless her Mitzi tries to go for birds that are way too high, so she crouches down, cranes her neck whilst watches them, and then leaps into the air, flipping about, but with no luck. She also likes to play with and sniff bees!
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Mary is my huntress. She watches the birds from the window and imaginary catches them in her mind.
It is good she didn't catch the bird but watching a cat do its cat thing is pretty amazing.

My cats keep my house rodent and insect free. I actually spot a spider and shake my head. I know it will be someone's snack soon enough.
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