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So the manager from the shelter I volunteer at called this afternoon to let me know that one of our new kittens has ringworm and I was doing some heavy handling on Sunday.

This is the 1st case of ringworm the shelter has had since before I started volunteering (almost 2 years) so I have never seen it.

What does it look like in humans? In cats? I have 3 kitties and am most concerned for them. I wash when I get home and change clothes before touching my girls, but still...

Also, I am 4 months pregnant. Does that make things any more complicated? I don't see any rashes but then again I don't know what I'm looking for.

I guess I'm not panicked but would still like some reassurance. I'm pretty good with washing hands and staying germ free at the shelter to avoid transference and all so I think I should be ok. Just wondering...?

Any thoughts?
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Ringworm can look different in people & animals. It often appears as a round/red circle. In cats, you'll see hairloss. It also doesn't have to show up in the place you had contact with the ringworm animals.
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Thanks! How long does it take to show up? This was almost a week ago but I don't see anything on me yet. I'll have to check the cats when I get home tonight.
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It can take 6 months to show up, in some cases.
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Wow no cases of ringworm in 2 years can I ask what shelter that is? Its near to impossible to avoid it at all since wild cats can come in with spores on their bodies. Also because the spores can hang around for months it is hard to tell when a cat may be carrying it, even shelters that euthanize animals with RW as they are coming in have a hard time with this sucker. There is a lot less of it in certain climates however.

I am only 20 but am actually a manager at an SPCA. I have worked in the shelter for two years. I started out cleaning the cages of the cats who had tested positive for ringworm. I actually did catch it once. Somehow it got on my leg even though I wear long pants at work. If you catch it early and it isnt in a place on your body where theres a lot of hair (such as your head yikes!) it is really easy to get rid of for most people. Lamisil (athletes foot and jock itch cream$8) will clear it up in about a week or two if you apply it twice daily. You may need to ask a doctor before using it if you are pregnant.

I foster animals with ringworm and I admit that I dont always wear gloves. I do ALWAYS wash my hands and avoid letting the animals touch my clothing hair etc. I have not gotten it since. You will most likely be fine although everyones immune system is different. To limit your chances get some bleach and bleach the clothes you were wearing. Ringworm is a b**** to kill. Soap may wash it away but will not inactivate the fungus. It is not a worm so I doubt it would effect a unborn child. (Im not a doctor though) in order to neutralize RW you need to bleach it 3 times using a (1:10) bleach water ratio. the bleachwater must sit for 10 mins each time. Also you cannot bleach it three times right after each other. Once in the morning, once that afternoon, and once the next morning is what we do at my shelter.

Keep looking for it as you are doing but I really wouldnt worry too hard I have brought cats into my home who had been believed to be cured of rw only then to discover a nasty patch on the bottoms of their feet and AFTER WALKING AROUND MY CARPETS. I vaccumed and cleaned hard surfaces but it was never an issue. It will probably be fine for you too!
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