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I'm not scared to be alone, but the pets make me feel safe because they would let me know if someone was in the yard or house.

My mom just adopted a Great Dane. He's the perfect dog! And an absolutely great watch dog. He sleeps by my mom's side of the bed and any time she moves he gets up to check on her. He also gets up and sticks right to her side when she gets up to use the bathroom or get a drink.
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Nope. I love living alone! I hate the feeling of being dependent on someone, so I decided years ago that I am quite capable of taking care of myself and that when I'm around people it's because I want to be, not because I need them to be.

However, I do have reservations, not fear, about walking around outside after dark. I never used to be like that, but as I've aged, the times have also changed and crime rates have gone up. So it's not fear that keeps me in, it's more "common sense" that it's just not safe for a woman to be walking around after dark anymore.

One fear I do have relating to living accommadations is basements. Not all basements, just ones that have "rooms" under the stairs. Ever since I saw "Amityville Horror" back in the late 1970's basements with rooms under the stairs totally freak me out to this day. If there is no room under the stairs, I'm totally fine with going down into a basement.
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Im not afraid to be alone at night (I dont watch creepy movies...or the news), I have my 6 cats who go crazy if they hear anything weird (I think they learned how to growl from the dog) and a 145lb Great Dane and a little Husky. The Husky gets all excited when new people show up but her hyper bark would let me know just the same, lol.
I do dislike going outside at night alone. I just moved to a town for the first time in my life (I used to live 20 miles out of town on 40 acres) and its a tiny town with probably almost no crime rate but it still freaks me out, you never know who/what could be creeping around in the bushes. I was taking my dog out the other night and heard leaves rustling, it was probably a frog or a moth or something but I hightailed it back inside so fast I barely let my poor dog pee.
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