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Nail Trimming Questions

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I will need to start trimming my Kitten's nails shortly as they are beginning to grow back after her first vet visit.

I have read many different things but can someone recommend what type of cutter to use. The local PETCO carries about 4 different types and I really want to pick one that does it quickly and with the least room for missing the mark. Some have said to use a Guillotine cutter but I want to hear from some people that cut their cats nails regularly.

Thanks in advance

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I know I'm just going to confuse you more, but I've been questioning the wisdom/necessity of clipping cats' nails. I live in a country where declawing is not allowed, and clipping cats' nails is generally considered cruelty to animals. As an American, I read a lot of books or magazines on cat care from the U.S., but as a resident of Germany I also read German cat magazines/books. At present we have one cat, and I don't clip his nails, nor do I have the vet do it. Jamie has a ceiling-high cat tree, plus a number of scratching boards and mats. He sharpens his nails daily, and chews the nails on his back feet regularly. Any damage to our furnishings has been accidental/slight/within limits. Therefore I question the practice. Obviously our house is not a candidate for "Better Homes & Gardens", but it is definitely not a dump. My husband and I are willing to make compromises for our pets, and our pets have also been quite willing to compromise. There is no such thing as a "care-free pet", although cats come pretty close, as long as you fulfill their needs.
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Hi jcat,

Clipping a cat's nail is common practice for most cat owners. All it means is the removal of just the bare tip of the nail, and is usually done every 3 weeks or so.

Only one of my cats gets his nails trimmed by me, and he is a polydactyl (he has 21 toes total) and his one extra dewclaw grows inward a lot and needs to be watched. Because of his extra digits, the dew claw sits up even higher than most, and so it needs attention.

My cats go outside and inside and they blunt their claws on the trees outside, so really unless I have to give them a bath for a medical reason, they do their own claw maintenance.

But trimming claws and de-clawing are not at all the same thing.

Lenny, I just went to a cat groomer and bought a pair from them. They are curved and easy to use. The Guillotine cutter I believe is only used for dogs? Though I could be mistaken.
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We clip our cats nails every 3 weeks or so. They are all indoor only, and we have to because if we don't, we look like we have been through the paper shredder. Most of them like to hang out on our laps, and my Maine Coon will jump onto my back.
We have always liked the guillotine style clippers for them. They do make them for both cats and dogs. The dog ones are a little larger than the cat ones. We tried the scissor type, and it seemed a lot harder for us.
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Sandie, I agree, the scissors type was too difficult to use with a squirming cat on my lap. I bought this one:

and have had no trouble at all. This is a guillotine style trimmer. It is faster than the scissors and I find it never results in splintering or cracking of the nails, it does a neat, precise job.

If you are going to trim your cat's claws, please be sure to have some styptic powder on hand to stop any possible bleeding if you accidentally cut too high. (I have never had that problem, but it is better to have some on hand than wish you did!)
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Thanks everyone,

Dune is an indoor only cat and she has great claw control I am just worried about her getting a too long claw hooked when we are not home and hurt herself.

I liked the guillotine cutters so I will pick them up this week they look like they work. I just don't want to hurt my little baby.


Here is dune waving hello!

Thanks, Lenny
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awww what a cutie!! I like the scissor type. but my boys don't mind having there nails trimmed at all. they just lay on my lap and let me clip them so they can have treats :LOL:
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Hi Lenny ! :wavey!

i have two types of nail clippers for my kitties, including the guilottine type.

Guess what? In the end, my regular HUMAN small nail clipper proved to be the best by far. It is relatively easy to maneuver and i am able to clip the nails very swiftly.

i cleaned their nail areas almost every day when i wipe them down. Thus, i have the opportunity to check their nail areas. i clip very little at a time. Thus, probably once a week.

Try using that. Also, practice makes perfect. Fear not if the first time is a torrid experience, as it gets better!

Please be careful NOT to clip into the pink (quick) area. You know what i mean, as it is very visible.

Personally, i really care that they have very clean and short nails. That way, they will not be hurt or harmed by their nails when they scratch themselves, etc.

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i was told not to use people clippers because they can slipt the nail. I guess if you are only clipping the very pointy point it would be okay though.
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I used the same type of clippers mom of 10 posted. When they are kits, if I don't seem to have a pair handy at all times, I'll just use very sharp human nail clippers.
We have to trim claws around here every 7-11 days I suppose. Their so active, and their nails just get so sharp so fast.
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