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Posted - 22 May 2001 2:42Â:censor:Â:censor:

our 8 year old spayed strictly indoor cat scoots her bottom across the carpeting after using the litter box. she doesn't do it all the time but perhaps once a week. we had her anal sacs expressed once... and she still did it. we then had the sacs removed and she is still doing it. we love her but if we don't find an answer soon we won't be able to keep her. we moved her litterbox about five months ago but she doesn't have a problem using it and her stools are firm and clean. the vet who did the surgery thought perhaps a rash or irritation around the anus, but there isn't anything visible. he is out of ideas Â:censor:Â:censor:
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Why on earth would you get rid of a cat because it scoots every now and then? They do this because it is either itchy or something is bothering them. It could be as simple as her poop irritates the anus and it gives relief to scoot.
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I have the same question as Sandy, why would this behavior require getting rid of the cat? My Napoleon has scooted for years, also in spite of getting his anal sacs expressed. Everyone I know who has seen him do it thinks its kinda funny that he makes an entire circuit of the living room. So he does something rude and kinda embarassing , so what? If he can put up with my atrocious singing I can certainly give him a break too.
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What does it mean to get "anal sacs expressed"? My male tabby scoots and he also has an odor that my other cat does not have.
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It's sorta gross. A cat has little sacs just inside their anus that release a small amount of scent into their poops as they pass through. Sometimes, the sacs get clogged up, like a clogged up pore that becomes a pimple. It can be itchy and/or painful. The way the vet expresses them (pops them) is to insert a gloved finger you-know-where and squeeze. This releases all the pent up scent stuff very quickly, so if you have this done to your cat, stand back and pinch your nose (or wear a gas mask ). It actually does provide some relief for a while, so you might want to think about having it done. My vet offered to teach my dad and I how to do it, but we decided to just keep bringing Napoleon in when necessary. IMHO, any amount of money the vet charges for this service is well worth it to avoid having to do it myself.
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My male also does this in the bathroom. I have never thought of getting rid of him. It makes me mad that he does this because he leaves a trail. Gross!! I'm glad it is not on the rug. I would never even think to get rid of him.
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Just so that everyone knows, I got an e mail from Bernie and it the logic behind the whole thing is a new baby in the house. His wife is worried for sanitary reasons. I am not saying it is right, but it is not just as cold as it seems.
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