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I'm not sure if I can post this here or not, but I figure it's worth the risk to help those that use Frontline Plus and things like that to save a lot of money!

There's a great website that was given to me that sells it at a fraction of the price that we pay at the vet's or the clinic.


They send you an 8 gm dosage container, a syringe and a vile. You just use the syringe and extract .5 mg per dose. It's exactly the same stuff because the container they send you looks exactly like the one dose ones that come out of the box that you buy from the vet... it's just bigger. You get can an 8 month supply for somewhere around $22!

I have 2 cats so it's a huge savings for me. I didn't know if you all knew about his great site or not... but I thought I'd share. (and I don't make any $$ off it either... lol... just passing a good value along)