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the cat who saved my life

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let me tell you about my friend link i got him when i was a little boy i worked at a car lot and the cat at the lot had kittens and the last little one was a gray tabby i called my dad and begged him to let me take him my dad not to happy about it still agreed from that day on we have been best friends but i have not had the best life since i got my cat link i have suffered from serious depression anorexia and self injury as i write this my neck bleeds from my last attempt hoping i could go deep enough to end it all as i made one more cut i heard my door open and in walked my cat he looked at me and gave me and annoyed meow as though to say what was i doing i shooed him away but he persisted and finally i let go oh my knife and took my cat in my arms and wept and told him i promise i would never leave him and now i intend to keep my word and never leave my friend and take care of him after all the times he has taken care of me it would be wrong of me to leave him now thank you for letting me share my story
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I'm glad that your kitty persisted tonight.

We are not set up here to offer counselling. It sounds like you are in a bad place in life and I strongly encourage you to contact the hospital and ask to speak to a psychologist and get some counselling and medication that will help you with your depression.

You may not feel it today, but your life is worth living, and you are a worthy person. Killing yourself accomplishes absolutely nothing except to die and cause everyone around you, including your loving kitty, grief that you aren't there anymore.

Please. Contact a suicide help line and get yourself some help.
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i'm going to second that. I've been there in life too. You need to get help. I'm glad your cat was there for you...
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I agree. Every community has some sort of resource.

If nothing else, having taken the cat in you have assumed a duty and responsibility to care for it. You have no more right to abandon that duty than a soldier has to abandon his post.
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