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Anne, I Love The Members Galley

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The members gallery looks GREAT!!!!

thank you so much!

I was surprised that there weren't more pictures! the thread seemed so long, it seemed like lots of people had posted photos.
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I thought there was more
pictures also. That thread is so long.
It's nice to have all of the pictures
organized like that. Thanks Anne!

Come on everybody start posting!
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Where is the members gallery?
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Hey meowman, it is in the cat lounge the very first thread. It is a closed Thread, so kinda hard to see and the title is members galley

It has some great pics in there!!
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great job, Anne, it looks lovely
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cept, i hate that picture of me Anne

perhaps when i get a better one, or one that i like, you can change it
for me?

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Great job Anne! It's nice to put a face with a name. Everyone looks good! Even me
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Very nice job! And a teriffic idea! I look horrible of course. I'll have to dig up a better picture though. But, that one does have me and Socrates in it (That was one of his moments of wanting love).
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I "second" your assertions regarding the Rogue's Gallery!

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Glad you like it!

There were other pictures that were oh Photopoing accounts and I couldn't access them. I hope these members will repost (as Hissy did). Posting is a lot easier now, as the photos can be attached to the post and there's no need to store them on the internet first.

Blue - I think you look just great in that picture! Still, whenever you want to change it - just let me know!
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Be aware that the picture of me was made about twelve years ago! I've a web camera now, so when I'm good and ready I'll submit a more recent likeness. You've been warned!

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I want to say that I, too,LOVE LOVE LOVE the Gallery!

I must now dig up a photo to scan and post to PROVE I DO EXHIST!!!

Joe, Nice to have you back! I like your blinking eye Avatar. . .
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Anne....this thread is great :flash: ....thanks for taking the time and effort in putting it all together
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Glad to see you back Mr. Cat! You're going to be an Alpha cat soon - I'll get the blobs ready

TLK - yes, by all means post a picture! It's much easier to do now, as all you need to do is attach it as a file to one of your posts.

Just in case some of you are wondering what happened to this thread - I have merged the two threads that were about the members gallery. Love those new admin options!
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So, how does one post a picture w/o having to have it stored on the web somewhere first?
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When you write a reply, you'll notice below the composing window a place identified as "Attach file." To the right of that is a small window; and to the right of that is a "Browse" button. Click on the "Browse" button and a window should open, containing files from your local machine.

You can maneuver around in that window until you find an image which you've saved on your local machine, then click on the image; next, click on "Open" and its URL should appear in that little window mentioned in the paragraph above. Then, when you click on the "Submit Reply" button to post your message, the image ought to appear beneath your message.

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When you post, you have a line below the posting area that says "attach file". It lets you browse your computer and upload an image.
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Is there a way I can post the pics from photopoint somehow? I am not the brightest when it comes to computer stuff...but I have no scanner!
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Well, if you don't have them on your computer, you need to go to photopoint and righ-click on the picture. Then select "save as" and specify the folder on your computer where you want to save it. Now you would have the image on your computer and you can post it according to the instructions Mr. Cat and self just posted (at the same time apparentluy )
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Well my pic is not there but that is ok! I hope to get a new hopefully better pic soon!
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What's got into that cat? Please explain, if possible!

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He attacks light reflections on the wall in a single bound. Joe, it is the funniest thing in the world to see. He sits on the night stand and the shaft of light coming in through the blinds reflects on the wall right at the cieling and with clouds and the like, the shadow appears to be moving. He will launch himslf straight up in the air. It is just about the most hysterical thing I have ever seen any cat do. I'm so worried he's going to break a leg doing this, because he slides down the wall all the way from the cieling and he looks like Sylvester when he does it. But, he won't do it if your watching. You have to act like your not interested in his plight for him to jump. I'll have friends over and we'll be in the LR and we can her "SSSHHHHHHHHHHHH - BONK" as he slides down the wall and lands onb the floor. It is just too funny.

Here's him as he eyes the "prey"
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I remember you posting those pictures before & I love them! they are classic! I'm so glad that you were able to catch socs magnificnet feat on film.
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