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Up Date On Pickles

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I just wanted to let all my cat site friend know about my buddy Pickes. We found out today that the cancer he has had matistized (spelling), is now in his lungs, and he has fluid around his heart. I am in tears as I am telling you this. He has about 3-6 weeks to live (8 on the outside chance). We brought him home and are going to spoil him until its his time. They told us he doesn't appear to be in any pain. I should be happy he has been here as long as he has, as some of you know he had squamous cell carcinoma a few years back, and recently had a vacine related sarcoma removed from his side. If you do a searh and type in (Pickles or squamous cell, I am sure you can find all about his story). He is barely eating, moving sluggishly, they have given us predisone to I assume help him. They said he will have his good days and bad. I guess what I need to know is, how do I let him go, if he is ok in a few weeks, or am I just fooling myself. We are planning a trip to Florida, (the end of june) and I don't want him to suffer, and I wouldn't want him to pass on while I was away. I am afraid though what happens if I take him in to let him go and he is happy, I will feel so guilty. If he continues the way he is with barely eating, and drinking, and hiding and just being lethargic I will know its ok to let him go. I just wish he would go in his sleep. Thanks for letting me share. I am in tears right now. I just pray for the strength to get through this next few weeks, and I hope I make the right decison when I need to. Thanks again. Linda
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You will know when it is time. Yoshi was alert when I let him go but refused to eat and was all skin and bones. I still feel bad that I let him go but he would have died within a few weeks or days anyway. If you ever need to talk I am here for you. I was hoping he would not have to be Pts.
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Originally Posted by mews2much View Post
You will know when it is time.
he'll let you know... or maybe take the decision out of your hands. & that you both enjoy his time left together
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Thanks everyone, its hard taking it day by day. I just hope he isn't in any pain, the vet said he didn't appear to be in any. Well today he has just stayed under my daughters bed, hasn't come out. I have to give him his predisone, soon, so I hope he will come out. I will talk to you all soon. Thanks again.
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My heart goes out to you and Pickles right now. I'm new to this site and your story but I recently lost my Pokey to cancer. So I really share in your pain as it was the worst thing that I ever had to go through as he was the love of my life. He was only 9 years old and healthy until one day I found a pea sized lump on his side. Being a concerned owner, we had surgery two days later. To make a long story short, I opted for a second surgery to completely remove the lymphatic tumor and we then followed with chemo. Exactly one month from the day of his first surgery he died. The reason that I am telling you this is because you're lucky that Pickles lived as long as he did with his cancer. He's even luckier to have a good life and a loving and concerned mom who takes great care of him. Although he may not feeling that great right now, he gets to spend more time with you, at home, where he knows he's loved and although he can't show it under the bed, it's still comforting to him. My thoughts and prayers are with you both.
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I am so so sorry.
When Oliver died I cried for months. He had been suffering and finally I let him go. Use this time to take photos and make lasting memories.
I spoiled mine to death.
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