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Are You UP For Another Contest?????

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Ginger (Coco Maui) launched a pretty fun thread yesterday called: "Draw A Kitty In MS Paint"

The entries are wonderful so now this is turned into a contest lasting from now through April 15th.

Cocoa will be setting the paintings up in a gallery on another website (thank you Ginger!) and the paintings will be "hung" there named, or numbered.

There will be a poll the week of the 15th and one winner will receive Amy Shojai book

The book will also be autographed! Everyone is eligible for this contest- including mods- so dust off your mouses and steady your hand and start drawing!

Also all participants will receive a sample of Kitty Oats courtesy of Ginger! !KittyOats

Here is the link to the original post:Painting Contest

There are only three rules-

1. They have to be cats-

2. You can enter as often as you like

3. And most of all HAVE FUN!!!!
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Wow, that's so great! I may have to put a bit more time into my next drawing.

Thanks Mary Anne and Ginger for doing this!!
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For those of you "enlightened" Mac users, you could use Appleworks, which has a paint and draw program, but I'm guessing you already knew that!
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I might add that your entries will be taken from the pictures posted on the original thread so keep posting them there (If you need me to host the pictures for you please email them to Questions@KittyOats.Com).

This way I can have them all in the same place. Thanks!

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One more point- NO PHOTOSHOP or other advanced paint programs. You have to use the MS Paint program or Appleworks to keep this fair.

Thanks Ginger for catching that!
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Aw, Darn! You guys anticipated my scheme!! LOL
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LOL I see how you are Heidi!
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Also there will be three winners for this contest, because there are to many entries that are so wonderful! I will post what the other prizes will be later on today...=)
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bumpy bump
So far there are 47 drawings!!!
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And now another prize to add to the pot. A bag of Science Diet, your choice of blends---
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OOoo I am just now seeing this.

I drew one kitty with photoshop.. and posted it so please make sure not to include that one. I think it's kinda obvious which it is, but it was titled "Jake". After one of my other boys

Everyone has drawn such lovely pictures
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