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I'm being brave

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and posting a pic of me when I was a full-blown Goth. It's kind of a bet, or dare, of sorts. NO LAUGHING!!!!

So this was me, a few years ago in my wilder days. This is actually the outfit I was wearing when I picked up my now hubby. Looking back I guess I can see why! :laughing2 This wasn't a special occasion or anything, just a random week of going out to the club. It may have been Fetish Night (once a month thing at the Club), judging from the PVC/vinyl boots and gloves, but maybe not.

Actually, I have to say I love this pic of me. I actually think I was pretty, in a bizarre kind of way, when I was Goth. *SIGH* Wish I could still wear that dress!

Anyone else want to be brave with me and post good or just silly pics of you from another era? PLEASE?????

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Wow you looks so pretty and hot!! ha I don't do that because i am so chicken out!!!

I do not have any hottie pictures of myself.. ummmmm sorry!
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Wow Heidi- how long were you Goth?

Never been a hottie myself- but always silly- here I am with some Sweet Adeline buddies, right before performing in Hope Alaska. I think the town Hoped we would go away! LOL I am second from the right-
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All I have to say is wow. I don't have the nerve to dress that way, I never have, but you really pulled the look off. And most of us will never fit into clothes from the past. Thats just life.
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Thanks for being brave with me Mary Anne! That looks like you ladies had a lot of fun.

Well, Goth to me is as much a mindset as a style (as opposed to most Baby Bats today ). Growing up in suburbia and going to college in quasi-rural Nebraska we didn't know what it was until my best friend saw an episode of Montel Williams on Goths. She taped it, we watched it and said "OMG - Those are my people!" So I guess mentally I still consider myself "Goth". I was active in the club scene for about 5 years or so. We even did concert promotion for a couple bands, Faith and the Muse and The Last Dance/The Prophetess (two bands touring together). That was a lot of fun, but not very lucrative.
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I confess to not understanding Goth. But I was a hippie way back and no way are those pictures going up! LOL But the love beads, the POW bracelet, the hip huggers or the long dresses were my mode of dress for a long time. Barefoot, and with flowers plaited in my hair that went past my hips and oh god so skinny back then too- those were the days!
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Originally posted by valanhb

I actually think I was pretty, in a bizarre kind of way, when I was Goth.
Ummm..Heidi...you were and ARE pretty!

I never got into the goth thing personally, but I must say I'm intrigued by it and I know that I have a lot of similar interests.

If I knew how to post pictures I might be inclined to put up some pics of myself, but I'm quite computer handicapped

Thanks for posting that, it was fun to see you during that stage of your life!
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This picture was taken, when I was 18. Wasn't I the the bad@$$ biker: black leather jacket, Coke-bottle glasses and a Honda 70!
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Hey Cindy, at least you HAD the motorcycle! I just had the biker leather jacket! LOL
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Unfortunately, I also had the biker: my first husband!
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Me too Cindy- mine was a Hell's Angels....yikes! What was I thinking? Oh I fogot, I was young and knew it all back then.
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dang heidi! you look HOT!!!! love that picture!

hissy - you look so cute!!!

and cindy - cool biker chick photo!!

unfotunately i don't have any pictures from another era. that's my story and i'm sticking to it! truthfully... i look about the same now as i always have.
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I already posted the now-famous raisin picture in the DT about a week ago. So that about does it for conservative, little me. The true guts would come from posting a pic of me right this very second. I'm still in my pjs!
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Hey, Heidi! Just going to do the laundry, right? Look at those boots! Wow! And the dress? You had more courage than I did! Well, when you think of it, you have more clothes on that when we wear shorts and a tank top. That's my favorite way to dress, but I don't think I ever stopped traffic. I think you might have. I can't post my silly pictures--no scanner. This is fun, though.

Hey, Deb, do you remember what day you posted that picture?
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That looks like good fun, Deb, and you know the kids probably loved it!
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What wonderful pictures. You all look like youre having fun, and i love the boots. Back in the mid 80s i was a Madonna Wannabe.I wish i had i picture but i dont. I still have all the big jewlery though.
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I have to say, the boots are something I will probably never part with. I always wanted thigh-high boots, but someone decided that you have to have toothpick legs to fit into them. This was the ONLY pair of thigh-highs that actually fit my normal sized thighs, AND they were vinyl, AND they had the 5" spike heels! (This was when chunky heels and platforms were really becoming the rage.) To top it all off, they were on SALE for $50!!!
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Heidi - I agree. You were and ARE beautiful - but WOW did you look hot!!!!

Mary Anne - I knew you were the tall one! And SCARDY CAT! Why wouldn't you post pics of you as a hippy? What's wrong with beads and peace symbols?

Our old boss always said - if you weren't idealistic in your 20s, you have no heart, and if you're not a conservative in your 40s, you have no brain.... (HE said it, not me!)

Cindy - where's all the leather you're supposed to have with that bike? LOL - you look great!

Deb - looks like lots of fun!

I've never owned leather or vinyl anything (well - I've got regular leather shows and a pair of leather timberland hiking boots!).

I was a teen in the 70s, so I just did the jeans thing.... I do have a kooky picture of me in a sari when I was in India, so I'll post it when I find it and then scan it....

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Heidi - you look fantastic. I will go to my mom's place this weekend and look for pics of me in highschool - I went thru a "Flock of Seagulls" stage, hairwize. I'll see what i kind find.
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Heidi...you made me speechless! All I can say is...WORK IT GIRL! You look hot in that pic...no wonder you catch your hubbys attentions!

Hissy...that pic cracked me up bigtime! What a hoot!

Cindy...I never would have thought you were into the biker scene. I dig the motorcycle though...

Deb...that raisin picture is so cute! What a good sport you are!!

Sorry but I don't have any pics to share...well I've got a few from the 80's, but gimme a break I was only in grade school! LOL!
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Woohoo Heidi! I've always been interested in the Goth culture and scene.

I have a pile of pics that would leave me totally embarassed if I posted them here. But, oh darn, I don't anything to scan them with!!

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Kass - don't they have Kinko's out there? EXCUSES EXCUSES!
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Heidi-All I have to say is you go, girl! I still have a pair of thigh-high boots (just pleather, not vinyl) that one day I swear I'll fit into again. I'd wear them out with stretch pants and a big top (gee, does that date me ) and think I was the hottest thing around.

I'm trying to find my senior prom pics-big dress and short hair. That should be a big laugh, although I am not ashamed of them. I loved my debutante look!
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I have a pair of thigh-high boots, too. Mine are Spandex, with 4" heels. They fit like stockings.

Of course, I've got my "come hither" high heeled shoes, too.
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Let's see MORE pics everyone! The ones posted are GREAT! And some of these other "looks" mentioned sound like they'd make for some good photos. . . so let's see em!
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whoa baby!!! check you out!!! I don't think i have ever dressed that sexy... in public you look great!
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How did I miss this thread???? WOW Heidi!!!!!! That is TOTALLY sexy!!!!! (and I agree with the others...you are still very beautiful!!)

Hissy...that's such a cute picture of you!!!!

Love the biker photo Cindy!!!!

And Deb...I always did love you in the raisen pic!!!!
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WHAT a brilliant thread!! Heidi, I was a goth, but my look was less glam and far more sleazy - torn fishnet tights, thrift-shop clothes (all black of course), victorian lace-up boots, and very, black fluffed-out hair.

I will find some pics and get a friend to scan them (I don't have a scanner), and we can compare goth styles. BTW - you look really fantastic in those boots - I never had the courage for boots like that!
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That would be great Yola! There are so many different styles of "Goth", every region even city is different. I'd love to see what the UK goths wore! We were more of the glam and fetish style. Of course, as you can see from the picture, we generally didn't look like the freaks that are on TV all the time. :LOL: That would be like judging all Americans by the ones on Jerry Springer. We don't all look like Marilyn Manson, Goth was around LONG before he came out!
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