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only purrs at night?

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Hi all

Most of you would know that I own two Burmese called nelson and zoe. Nelson who is 5 now is the friendliest cat I have ever met, he loves to be cuddled, picked up, carried around etc and he purrs all the time.

Zoe who is 3 is a bit more stand-offish, very occasionally she will sit on my lap or roll over in front of me for a scratch. She doesn't like to be picked up and hates to be carried around. This is unless I get up in the middle of the night when it seems she changes into a totally different cat... She purrs (I have never heard her purr during daylight hours, even if she is enjoying a good scratch etc) and flops around on the ground, she rubs her head against me and likes to be picked up, the total opposite of her daytime behaviour.

Does anyone know why this might be? I would love her to be a little bit friendlier during the day as I am rarely up during the night and the difference in her behaviour is just incredible. She has always been like this since about 6-7 months old. When she was tiny she like cuddles and being carried and snuggling with Nelson.

Anyway enough of my waffle, I would appreciate any clues you could give me as to why this is?

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Does she purr in one specific place in your house? Maybe she feels safer at night and in possibly your bedroom or etc. All 3 of my cats act differently at night...especially Echo. She doesn't like me picking her up or even petting her much during the day. She definitely not a lap kitty (to me anyway...she loves getting on my Mom's lap!), but at night she is such a snuggler. She crawls in bed with me and will not leave me alone until I rub her down & give her lots of loves. I think she feels like my bedroom is her safe haven and she can have me all to herself then.
Just my thoughts...hope it helps you!
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