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Here is Van Gogh's kitty trying to keep his other ear! LOL
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ha ha ha you guys are true artists!
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This is too fun
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Sterling, the big fluffy grey Persian...

Do you see the resemblance????

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Here is a drawing of Tigger and Roo sent in by Tamme! Awesome!

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WOW! What talent you all have!!! Harrythecat- every time I look at yours I think Jeff Probst needs it for the next immunity idol! It is great!!! They are all so good- and Ginger, this is a wonderful wonderful thread!
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Tamme! LOL...I love the serious look on Roo's face...LOL...what a cute little fur face, fangs and all! LOL...and Tigger just lookin' the other way....

Mary Anne- That birdbath cat...ROTFL

Coco Maui- Love the abstract Sterling, I just about fell out of my chair when I saw it...LOL!

More, More, More!!!

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LOL! I know I am repeating myself but these are all GREAT! I can see these on greeting cards with captions- LOL Kim that one litter picture i look at it and think one word CLONING! ROTFL! And Ginger, Sterling would make Picasso proud! I too want to see more of these- come on guys, the prize being offered up is wonderful! The only ones exempt from winning are myself and Anne- And I just decided there will be 3 winners, not just one- I will post the other prizes later on today!
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I've never tried MS Paint before but I couldn't resist...!

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Awe! Cute one Amy~

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The look on the face is "Uh Oh did I hear the word VET?" LOL

Very good Amy!
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LOL, I think you are right, hissy!
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Anyone HOME? LOL
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You're very talented everyone!

Me, I can only say - I WANT MY PHOTOSHOP!!!

Here's what my cats look in MS paint (from the back...)
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LOL! Cute Anne!! What are they waiting for? Ron ron to drop food?
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For their mommy to learn how to draw kitty faces
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I see one has been neutered! ROTFL!
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Funny you mention that Anne...I drew my logo myself and when it came to drawing a face...I decided to have a back view instead LOL!

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Just to clarify - they are all neutered of course :tounge2: but only Romeo had been neutered while he was still semi feral and in a TNR operation so only he has a cropped ear
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LOL Anne!
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Aww Lhezzza that is a contented kitty tat!
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Tried my hand at it again this morning. I think I should give up on the realistic portraits! LOL It is much better than the first try, though.
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Lhezza your kitty looks drunk.
Or is that "Catnip Overload 2" !?!?!?!
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Hiedi- that looks great! and LorieD yours is happy looking- look no green tail! NO tail at all! LOL
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Nakita really is not talking to me now!!! Sorry, Nakita but I'm having too much fun at your expense!


I'm hoping Nakita will still use her litterbox after seeing this pic!

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She looks a little umm..squeezed! LOL I am laughing so hard at these! you know I love ya!
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