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What do you love most about where you live?

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i thought it would be interesting to hear about what everyone loves
most about where they live, if anything at all

i know, sometimes, when we've been in the same city or town for too long
we start to take it for granted, and forget why we are there.

so many of you live in beautiful places, like, Israel for one, beautiful
cities or farmlands in the States, and so on.

for me, it's the beauty.

come Spring & Summer, the air is Alive and whispers so much Joy
as you walk out in it, the people are kind (for the most part)
and the area is gorgeous. there is a true sense of Community here.
Every street has a memory, good or bad, my roots are here forever,
so i will always look back with a smile, and remember who i was,
and how i changed, remember those moments that changed me,
and those moments that scarred me. i'll remember it all.

soon i will be leaving here, and i won't ever live here again, i will
visit, i'm sure, but, i wont exist here again, not like i have and am
right now.

i wanted to take this opportunity to remember the beauty of this town,
and say goodbye in my own way.

What do you love most about where you live?
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it's nice to see that even my horoscope is on my side:

Follow your basic instincts. You need time to reorganize your thoughts in order to make the necessary alterations to improve your life. You can start by changing your surroundings.

i am nervous about moving, but i am driven by the hope of more oppurtunity
where i am going, more Love, more Soul, more Life.

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Oregon.. come on Hissy I know you could join in this post

Green... I love the green. The wilderness
is everywhere all around you.

The mountains are only a hop, skip and jump away
The ocean... just as close in the other direction

The four seasons... How each one is so distinctive
you couldn't miss it if you tried.

Spring brings fresh air, blue sky, beautiful
colorful flowers, and rain that makes the fresh cut
grass smell so inviting.

Summer, the summer can get hot, and sometimes stays
calm. No matter it is so pleasant you linger wanting yet
a little more!

Fall, the leaves on the millions of trees begin to turn
all shades of fall.. how spectacular

Winter... snow, rain, wind, sleet, ice, hail... it's all
around us during winter. The excitement of seeing the
first snow fall of the year. Absolutely beautiful. Snow
on Christmas!! Simply grand

How marvelous, that here in Oregon we witness life and death
all in the four seasons! That is what I love about Oregon
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Okay, I should post here because I REALLY don't like where I live. You see I am a Californial girl and Connecticut is KILLING me. So, I will tell you what I like most about where I live.
The friends I have met and become very close to.
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What I love about our place.

I love the trees and the way the wind speaks to me during storms in their branches. I love the feel of the wind on my face and during the strongest windstorm, I find time to go out and just experience the power.

I love the dew in the tall grasses, the spider webs that sparkle with the moisture. I love the creek, even when it overflows its banks, the rhodedendruns, and the chinese maple trees.

I love the fact that in the summer time I can go outside and pick an apple right off the tree, or harvest the cherries and all the berries and make my homemade jams and jellies.

I love my neighbors on the one side of us. An older couple, honest as the day is long, just really nice country folk.

I love the greenery in the Spring, the colors in the fall, the mountains in the distance. I love that we live right in the center of the weather patterns that hit the Cascade mountains and during the rainy season, it can be pouring in our front yard, and sunny in the back or vice versa.

I love the birds, the nuthatches, the woodpeckers, the hummingbirds. I love that I can take my horses for a walk and within 20 minutes be in the midst of a thick forest area carpeted with grass and pine needles.

I love the fact that I can have cats, and dogs and horses, and help wild critters and not worry about what the neighbors might say.

I love the rain and the thunder storms, and the rainbows that come out afterward just as God promised they would. I also love that there is NO smog or other visible pollution, and the worse thing we have to deal with is right before Spring, we have to deal with floating spiders that fall from the trees in their delicate parachutes of spun silk.
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I was born and raised here and there are only 2 things I like about Jacksonville:

1. My friends and family, whom I love very much
2. The Atlantic Ocean is only a few miles away.

Otherwise, I don't care much for this place. I used to live in Orlando and liked it much better there and with my short visit to LA once, I figure that I may like it there better still because of my career.

But, Jacksonville is a southern city with over 1 million people but still has a small town mentality (in the government) and many say this is really southern Georgia since it's only an hour North. Oh, how I would love to live almost anywhere but here.

But, during our 1 month of Spring and 1 month of Fall, it's nice. Especially during the late afternoon.
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My roots are deep in NW Ohio...Both sides of my family have been in this part of Ohio for more than 150 years...My Paternal Grandmother lives on a farm that has been passed down one branch of my family(documented) for 125 years, she has a plaque from the State for being a Cenntenial Farm in 1976. I know who I am, and where I come from...Good farming stock...I love watching corn, soybeans, and wheat grow. The next generation of animals being born every glorious spring. We live near enough to Lake Erie to swim and boat in her. I wouldn't want to live anywhere else.

DebbieA and the Kids...Tai-Tai, Zoe, and Baby

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I came here to Portland, Oregon, in the spring of 1969 — not via an accident of birth but as the result of careful adult thought. I've tried living elsewhere since then, but to no avail.

I always come back here, because this is my home.

I love the four seasons and the moderate climate. I love the rivers and forests, the nearness of wilderness, the presence of dear friends.

Other places in Oregon, in the U.S.A. and in the world at large are surely wonderful in their own right; but Portland is where I shall stay. And it's where I'll be put in the ground some day as well, at Willamette National Cemetery.

The people with whom I've become acquainted over the years here are both down-to-earth and smart. Apart from the few yuppie enclaves which have sprung up here and there in the metropolitan area, life in Portland is blissfully devoid of political correctness (except for the politicians and the middle class).

My old line of work, journalism, used to be people-oriented too — back when The Oregon Journal was still published. Sadly, that daily newspaper has been gone for nearly 20 years now; and the extant present-day media here are run by out-of-towners whose agendas require we be force-fed New York media-center nonsense.

Talk about the "new world order," what passes for journalism today is it! Well, inevitably that won't wash in Portland — not with the vast majority of people here, who cling to importance of place even as the world is being forced to eschew all permanency so that the very few can become wealthy beyond all comprehension.

Musical tastes here are marvelous, embracing everything from Cat Power through Hole to the Oregon Symphony. Back before most concerts were restricted to middle-class audiences only, via exhorbitant prices, Portland was a genuine rock-and-roll town; and The Beatles played here twice, tickets going for US$3.50!

I've been happy to meet many highly-intelligent and talented people here, the cream of that crop usually staying put rather than fleeing to the phoniness of megalopolis "culture." Unlike the present-day over-paid geeks who flock here from other states, I'm proud of my home town.

Although I was born in the City of New York and have lived in big cities as well as small towns, I'll take Portland in an un-New-York minute. It's my home.

It's a place to be.


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I don't really LOVE anything about where I live It's small, it's ugly, too many undesirable people here, too much dust, too hot and humid in summer, now there's an energy crisis, the list goes on... house has a pool, though..And my room is big enough for me, my cat, a queen bed, full-size futon, 2 dressers, an entertainment center and 2 bookcases. As you can see I love furniture :laughing2
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I live in the country! I have woods , a creek, and a field! I am not too far from town but I am close enough so it does not take a whole day to run errands! I have no traffic, no sirens, and few neighbors! I was raised in Tallahassee Florida and would never go back to live! I do go there to visit my mom !
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I'm with Meow Man. I shouldn't really post here, because I don't like much about where I live (just outside Tampa, FL). My heart lies in the northeast; the New York/New Jersey area. I never realized how much I'd miss the change of seasons, snow, and mountains.
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Sandie, you don't know Connecticut - my dad was in the Navy and after living all over the world, we chose Connecticut to retire -
COnnecticut, with the changes of the season.
With country (where I live) and yet, a half hour away is theatre and museums - close to Boston and New York City, to have the pleasure of a big city, but not have to live there.
We have the ocean, we have good people -
True, we are very different from California (I went to college in Oakland and I loved it, but could not live there as I would miss the seasons and the East coast attitude).
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I'm a native Oregonian, and although I've lived several other places, I always come back...15 years this time!
I can't top what swalker or Mr.Cat had to say...Oregon is the best!
Where else can you find Mountains...Beaches...Deserts...Terrific Nightlife...Affordable Homes...Clean Air...Nice, Friendly People (mostly)...Massive Forests...etc etc etc...all within a couple hours drive...if even that long!
I challenge anyone to find a more beautiful and diverse area to live (good natured challenge, of course!)
Oh yeah, did I mention I like it here?:laughing2
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What I love about Dubai is the weather, it is fantastic you can pretty much guarantee sunshine all year round. I also just love the beaches - which sand and clear blue water. It does get a little too hot and humid in the summer time with tgemperatu res reaching up to 48C sometimes up to 50C but I am used to it, I have lived out here with my family for 21 years.

I also love the fact that I have some really really good freinds here. Many people in Dubai are rather shallow and self indulged, well it seems that the people I have met and are really close too are soooooooooooo down to earth and I love 'em to bits :tounge2:

I do miss the smell of green - does that make sense???? I was in Seattle last year and the air smelt sooooo good. Although we have loads of parks and trees and grass it does not smell probably all think I am nuts now LOL :laughing2

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I have to agree with everything Blue said, as we're both in the beautiful Okanagan in BC Canada. The sun is shining, the lilacs are in full bloom and summers just around the corner. I too was born and bred here and my whole family lives here as well. I have travelled some and can truly say that I live in the best place I know of.
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I love this place we live in. Everything's so green and peaceful. We have a large yard with lots of beautiful trees. A mix of wild and agricultured as they used to grow stuff here (my in-laes still have a few acres nearby where they grow carrots). We have oaks, avocado trees and pecans and lots of others. I love the fact that we can have fruit right off the trees. And the cats love it here - it's far away from the road so they can wander about freely.

People sometimes wonder how I prefer this to Tel-Aviv (where we used to live until 6 months ago). Sure, the nightlife there is better, but I prefer the clean air and the sound of the birds any day. And anyway, this is such a small country - Tel Aviv is only 40 minutes away from here with an excellent train service.

I talked to hubby last night. He's in Lawrence Kansas right now and he says it's really beautiful. So far he really really likes the US. I want to come and see for myself - I'll be working hard on convincing him to travel together around September-October - wish me luck! Oregon sure does sound nice. If we come - I'd really want to visit. Are there any major tourists attractions around Oregon?
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Living here in Oklahoma all my life and traveling to both sides of the US, the thing I live about living here is I live in the country and I have all kinds of wildlife in my front yard, from deer to snakes. When you here them say "The plains" they mean it. Not much to do here and it is very flat. It gets hot in the summer and the wind has nothing to stand in it's way in the winter. I like Okla for this is where I grew up but I would much rather live on the East Coast. My boyfriends parents live in Conn. and I love it there. Would anyone like to trade living spaces for a while? I would love to see some where some of you live. I have always wanted to live in Oregon the way you describe it, I know I would love it there.
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if you come to the US you have to come to Washington DC, our nations capitol. I live 30 minutes away & would to show you & your husband around & you are more than welcome to stay with me
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I live about 38 km northeast of Toronto. As a city, Toronto has so much to offer - all kinds of shopping for every price range, lots of theatre, ballet, concerts, opera. It is probably the safest city of its size in the world. I can quite comfortably walk the core downtown streets at any time day or night and be safe. Naturally we have our "darker" areas, but we leave those areas to the "darker" persons who prefer that lifestyle.

For the average person, Toronto is a wonderful place to be. You can choose food from any nation in the world and not have to travel far to be able to enjoy it. We are the most multi-cultured city in the world.

Then, you travel 38 kms. or sometimes less, depending on which direction you go, and you are passing farms, pastures, green fields, etc.

It is truly the best of both worlds.
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Here's a great web-site for information regarding my home town of Portland, Oregon. Check it out!

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wow, there's quite a few of you living in Portland
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Yeah Blue, I noticed a lot of us folks are from the beautiful Rose City! Maybe we should re-name it CatLovers City?
Thats a good site Mr. Cat, another good place to see Portland online is There are pics of Mt. Hood, Multnomah Falls, Saturday Market, many vineyards, almost anything you can imagine.
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Well, I've lived in Connecticut all of my life. I have always wanted to move to another state (I came very close to moving to Vermont but didn't because I couldn't find a job). There are times when I feel like running away. But moving is not an option for me. It's too expensive, no one in their wrong mind would ever rent to a single woman with 7 cats, I wouldn't know anyone and I'd be too lonely. I have alot of wonderful friends here and would miss them alot (my family I'm not too crazy about, I'm an afterthought to them) They are very materialistic and shallow, and they too much. My friends Rene, Clint, Sandy and Ken treat me more like family than my own family. And there's my daughter who I and would miss lots as well. So, I'm here till they throw dirt on me. The thing I love about Connecticut is the Spring, Summer and Fall. Winter I could do without. But lately winters haven't been too bad. And as Rene said, there are surrounding states to travel to like NYC (love it!!!) Rhode Island and the other New England states that have alot to offer
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I live in Connecticut and have most of my life. I love New England and the changing seasons. I guess most of all I love the memories. My roots are in CT, and so every corner I turn are the shadows of my life and the lives of those I love.
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For those of you in Connitcute, where are you located? I visited my boyfriends family about a year ago, they live in Wolcott and I also went to Toland to visit his sister. I really do love it there. It is beautiful.
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