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Love Bites

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So I didn't go to work today as I have an awful migraine (upset stomach, blurred vision--the whole bit).

So I was trying to rest this morning and wouldn't you know my ever so loving 9 month old kitten came in and bit my face--mostly goes for the chin.

This has become a regular habit--the reason he goes for my face is because he wants my hands, but I have learned to sleep with arms and hands under the covers. He doesn't bite hard, just enough to annoy me and bring my hands out to get him off of me. He knows exactly how to get my hands out!

Anybody else receive weird love bites?


*By the way Hubby never receives this "gift" only Meowmy does
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Since he was a baby my kitty Lucas has woke me up at 5am in the morning because he wants food. It was a little annoying. Now he is a year old and he stopped doing that, so I miss it, hehe.
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Fiona did it when we first got her but quickly got out of the habit. I assumed it was her way of letting me know she wanted something, but than she learned that I will give her TOO MUCH attention and she actually likes being left alone now.
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George has two different love bites. One I like - usually happens when we're cuddling - a soft bite where he barely touches the skin. That's the "I love you" bite. Then there's the "stop ignoring me, I want to play" bite. That one usually happens if I get up in the middle of the night to use the bathroom, get a drink..... It's a CHOMP!! And he keeps chomping...I have to basically throw (not really) off of me but he always tries again. 4am this morning it happened (again)...Thankfully it doesn't happen too often and most of the time I can deflect him when he looks like he's going in for the bite - and he's sooo darn cute it's hard to stay mad at him for too long.
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Well, fingers, toes, chin and nose, I get it all. Kitten LOVEs to show me her affection. I know that is what it is, cause its just a little nibble, but she will fight me to be able to do it. I put her down on the floor, there she is nibbling me again, I think it is cute. But goodness, its annoying too
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Spyder will give me a little nip on the leg when he is being affectionate (ie...means he wants food, lol!)
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Chip gives me 'love bites' - usually when he's on my lap... purring the entire time, mind you. he knows i don't like it, but he does it anyway.
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Mary gives me love bites on the nose and chin. Once she got my lip.
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Sassafrass does that too. Usually when I get up in the morning, she'll purr and walk figure eights around my legs, nibbling on me. It tickles more than anything, and usually means that she needs food or water

And every once in a while she'll come lay on my lap and nibble on my knees. That _really_ tickles
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When I went to the store where I got Tom the first thing he did after ripping the glasses off my face and nibbling on them, was to nibble on the tips of my fingers while purring loudly. It was love from that point on but he doesn't do it any more. He also used to lick the tip of my nose when we cuddled but now he just looks at me when I try to get him to do it.
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Dusty does this almost every morning. She is learning though, that when mommy wants to sleep and puts her on the floor, it is time to stop. She used to jump back up when I put her off the bed. Now she stays off. She knows if she keeps it up, mommy or papa will banish her and Rusty from the room.
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Chip licks my hair/forehead when he wants some lovin'. (or some food ) It's funny becaus I have long hair, so he starts licking my hair and then he gets his tongue tangled up in it. Silly boy! When he's feeling extra-snuggly, he grabs the sides of my head with his paws (claws and all - OUCH!) so he can get better leverage for the head licking. I'm tellin' ya... my life would be so boring without cats.
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yea, eazy bites my arms and hands all the time.,.
i have woken up a few times to him wrapped around a arm, how biting. but he is sleeping.. ??????

also heyu likes to nibble on my left ear... and only the left ear.
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Diddy has always bitten ... he is rather feisty, and I've learned to let my hubby do the 'real' playing. He loves to drop to his back & wrap his paws around your arm as he nibbles on your hand. It seems as though he's going to bite hard, but he really only puts your hand in his mouth and if you say, "Ow!" he stops. His pupils get really big and his ears go back and you know it's time to play, but he doesn't mean to hurt us. As someone else said, he's so darn cute, I can't be mad at him!
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I have a 4 year old, 15 pound, long haired black cat. He is a moma's boy and has to be with me everywhere I go. If he feels he is not getting enough of my attention, he will bite me on the arm or shoulder. Most of the time it isn't too hard, but at times he gets carried away. If I yell Ouch!, he makes a face and pulls back. If I lock him out of a room, he will bang on the door and cry until I let him in. I say lock out, because he knows how to open most of my doors by standing on his hind legs and pulling the lever down with his front paws.
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