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My snakes

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I took some new photos of my ball python, Priscilla, so I thought I'd show her off a bit. She is getting close to a year old, and she weighs in at 435 grams now. (That's up from 185g in January.) She is starting to be less shy now too, and starting to explore a bit when I take her out of her cage.


Here are some photos of our other snakes as well:

This is Morticia, Dh's Brazilian Rainbow Boa. She is still a baby yet. She's also a little feisty, so I let DH do most of the handling with her! Hopefully she'll calm down as she grows, but as it stands she's the only snake we have who's bitten and drawn blood.

This is Pandora, my adult cornsnake. She's about 4 1/2 feet long. She laid these eggs (18 - all infertile) last month. She is one of my favorites, because she is so relaxed and easy to handle. I sometimes go around the house doing chores, and she'll just relax around my neck.

The rest are older pictures of our other corns when we first brought them home. They've all grown a lot since then, I'll have to take new photos soon!


Monalisa, my eldest son's snake

Fluffy, Dh's first snake
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They are beautiful!
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Theyre all gorgeous! Love the BRB
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They're pretty cool! I was just at the pet store looking at them. I've always been fascinated with reptiles (had a lizard when I was a kid).
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Thanks for looking! There are a few other snakes we'd like to pick up, but we have to create some new cage space first. They have been fascinating animals to keep!
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Your snakes look great! I like Harvest!
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They are beautiful... I love the coloring on the smaller snakes.
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aww cool!
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