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I can make this on-topic for you

I think that whether or not breeders make a profit has a lot to do with the marketability of their breed. Some breeds have much more of a market than others. I know I probably won't find nearly as much demand for Turkish Vans as I would for Egyptian Maus. As we trudge through this current economy, I can only wonder at the fate of our less popular but still rare breeds. Fewer people will want to spend their money on kittens, and fewer breeders will have extra income to devote to their HOBBY. For example, one of the only Chartreux breeders on the east coast is quitting breeding by speutering all of their cats. What will become of the Chartreux gene pool is a sad mystery. . .
Oh so true that it depends on location...Abys are not popular at all in Malaysia/Asia and I thank God that I have the space and resources to keep my cats with me. Over here people still prefer the "teddy bear" cats - ASH and BSH, along with the slinkys. Other SH cats are apparently still too "Domestic" looking. Most of my market comes from expatriates that come to retire in Malaysia. I do my best to promote the breed but still...

Abys are still my first love though and I will continue to breed them until I can't!