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day 56

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not much going on here but I am getting excited and nervous. heehee expecially since i am gone camping from the night of day 65 to the afternoon of day 67. so praying she has them before then or after then! LOL mid next week I am going to really be on the look out for signs and going nuts I am sure since I am already going a bit crazy. LOL

Seems alot that had a large litter went on the longer side though so wonder if where hers is smaller if she will go on the shorter side? I am hoping for day 64 or 64 so I have a bit to observe them before we go camping.... good thing we are only about 20 min away so I can come home to check on her on Sat and have a friend stop in to check that night. heehee. if not kits I am sure I will be pushing my hubby to leave early that Sun so I can be here JIC. heeeheee.
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Our cats are so close in due date, that I am following your posts with great intent.. Good lUck to you... Keep me (us) updated..
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it is definately going to be a long week or two around here! we are also in the process of trying to adopt a puppy so waiting to hear if we were approved yet. then have to pay the adoption fee, mail the check (as she is out of state), then set up the spay wait for that to be done then wait for her to get here. so alll that will take a couple weeks from what they said.....

and I have about a week to 11 days or so to wait for my kittens! I am going to go crazy waiting for all this stuff as I am NOT the most patient person! LOL
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lol... Neither I am I cant wait for the kittens it is driving me nuts,... You are busy... How fun a new PUPPY and new Kitty's! Your going to have your hands full in a couple of weeks.
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yes hopefully it will be a nice full house in a few weeks. hoping that the puppy comes through. I haven't heard yet so hope I hear soon!!!! Guessing if this one goes through we won't have her till the 23rd to 30th so kittens will be 1-2 weeks old. LOL

You know Angel is still soooooo small!!!!!!! if it wasn't for her milk comming in (she is really hanging and getting very full feeling), big bald teats, and movement that i have felt (and a few others so not just me) I would swear she wasn't preg. oh yeah and no heat at all. hahaa!!!!!!!! I keep wondering if I am just crazy and it is gas bubbles Iam feeling. hahaa
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lol, It isn't.. Eboneys feels like big gas bubbles too. She is a small cat also and a little over 8 months old, but she is big big now. (fat) I am so worried that there are like 8 in there. Her teats are also big swollen and now crusted with milk.. How fun all this is.


p.s what kind of puppy are you getting?
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we are looking at beagle mix puppies they think they are mixed with coonhound. but of course they are just mixes so all only a guess. Mainly we want a small-med size puppy that will be good for the kids to play with and also small enough to fit in our camper with us and our rottie. haahaa!
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well we are now on day 61. it is sooooooo funny as she still barely shows but we have felt the kittens kicking and one gave me a GOOD kick today. hahaa. but she seems kinda uncomfy even though she isn't big and even has a bit of trouble jumping now. LOL She seems to really stop and think before she jumps somewhere. I will have to get new pictures. I think everyone will be shocked at how TINY she is in size!!!!!!

question I know cats have 2 horns for the uterus can kittens move from one horn to the other or are they not connected? we have felt a bit of kicking on each side but not all over so thinking maybe 2 kittens? and now they seem fairly low where they kick like down by the last 2 nipples so maybe it is getting kinda close??????? I HOPE!
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