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Hallo everyone - Patricia, Portsmouth here. I had two lovely pms earlier - but due to newbie incompetence think I only managed to reply to one - then accidentally deleted. Apologies and thanks for lovely second message. This is such a lovely place. Does anyone else cook surrounded by cats? Because I have two dogs, six cats have to be fed on kitchen surfaces (don't sue me anyone, I don't run a restaurant) - I seem to spend a large amount of time removing cats to other surfaces, saying things like 'Oh bugger off - it's onion you silly cat', and in extremis being forced to put a marauder outside and shut the door. Then it's chop chop ignore frantic scratching. Sigh. I have two basic 'kitchen' cats - Sebastian and Pugwash - both elderly gentlemen and thus voracious - it's a real challenge producing food that is fur-free. (I always think of it as added fibre, anway) x
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Fur is just added fiber.
I like the way you think.
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...nobody is perfect and nobody born being a wise!.......
with the practice you can reach the perfection!...
donĀ“t give up!..
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We have previously discussed the "kitchen gods" that most of our cats become.
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Uhh yeah I do NOTHING alone, including cooking I have a magnet that says Cat hair is a condiment
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