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Now, that is sweet!
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How sweet, thank goodness he's not ill.
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whew! What a relief! And what a wonderful gift! You must have done something right to snag such a great guy.
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That sounds so sweet!!!
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Awwwwwwww . . . . :-D
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Originally posted by okeefecl
Well that was sneaky!!!! But it must have been such a good surprise!

Now, how to get revenge (rubbing hands together....)
Maybe, you can make him a butt plug! :LOL:
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Originally posted by Hissy
however every time I go to clean out his truck I invariably find candy wrappers and ho-ho wrappers stuck underneath the seat!
I just wanted to suggest keeping a supply of sugar-free candy and snacks on hand for Mike. Maybe that would help him cut down on the amount of sugary food he eats.
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Mary Anne - you are SUCH a lucky woman to have a kind, loving and thoughtful man like Mike.

That is such a beautiful and touching thing to do - and to sneak out to finish it off in the early hours is just so deliciously romantic I litteraly had a tear in my eye (must be hormones) while reading it.
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What a love he is !!!! Yes you are truely luck and I am very curious - Can we have a looks see when he is done???? Will you please share a picture with us?!
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WOW (must talk to hubby about what a wonderful man Mike is, hint, hint)
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I will post pictures when it is done- now that he is off the hook- that could be a very looooooooooong time! LOL Took me 4 years to get my set of kitchen knives - and he is a knifemaker!
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