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pajamas ~!

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i pajamas.

pajamas are wonderful.

that is all.

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hehe I know what you mean, I find the most wonderful feeling is getting home after a hard shift, taking a shower, getting into some clean warm fluffy sweats and curling up and reading a book, or chatting on TCS. absolute heaven!
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Pj's are so comfy just to slop around in. My fav clothes, although there are times when I like to take em off!

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There are somedays I never get out of my PJ"S !!Today might be one of those day's!
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I have a really cute pair - pink, printed with kitties, pawprints, balls of yarn and milk cartons. I, also bought a couple of pairs of just bottoms and wear them with a T-shirt. When the weather is warm, though, I schlep around the house, in nightshirts.

A few years ago, my mom bought me a purple nightshirt, with a kitty on it? Perfect: my favorite color AND a kitty. HOW did she know?
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I'm wearing purple footie PJ's right now. LOL. They are sooo comfy!

I've been known to wear plaid PJ pants out to the store... I even went to rent a movie last night in my PJs. :tounge2: It's a small town so no one really sees me.
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i love pjs too.

flannel ones.

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i wish i could wear pj's everywhere.. my fave is a purple set that has a cotton tank with velour bottoms with kitties and fishbones all over them, lol, so cute..
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LOL. Yes, they a quiet comfy!!

I have lots, lots and lots
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i like t-shirts and boxer shorts. them's my comfy pajamas! still wearing them right now.
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Yeah... blue, i love "jar-mees" too.. i prefer the cotton ones over silk.

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i think i have more jammies then actual clothes

my favourite ones are pale yellow with orange and white flowers on the leg and a silk orange drawstring.

my other favourite ones have holes in the bum!! and cameron (who is the 'seamstress' of the house) hasn't yet patched them

i also slippers ~!

i love flannels, too
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i love big fluffy slippers, i have pink joe boxer ones with flowers on them.
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I love my pink and white fluffy slippers

I also prefer to sleep in cotton then silk, it's just not as comfortable

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i don't have many. i have a few sleep shirts, and normally i just slip in a long tee shirt.
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My winter slippers are leopards, with cute faces and little tails.
Rowdy likes to attack the tails and whiskers.
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My favorites are those with teddy bear prints.. i love teddy bears! :lovegrin3:
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Oh yes, Kellye, i love fluffy slippers as well.

i have about 9 pairs of house slippers - i make all my house guests wear slippers as well - (gentle to the floorings and gentle to the kitties.) i take much delight in shopping for slippers!

i remember one time when i wore a new pair with "leopard spots" -- Daisy kept following me around, as if the slippers were just another animal ... it was all too funny!

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I usually live in PJs on the weekends. I have a light blue flannel nightshirt with moons and stars, and matching slippers (light blue with embroidered moon). If I have to go out to the hallway, I'll throw on a pair of grey jersey pants (don't want to scare the neighbors!).
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I wear boxer shorts & a big t-shirt to bed, and usualy I wear this during the weekends or when I get home from work .... They dont look like sleepwear, either! They are so comfy, though!
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My pjs and nightshirt are for schlepping around the house and going out to the patio, for a smoke. I don't wear them to bed.
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My jammies are fuzzy soft fleece with Teddy bear faces on them! (I love bears too, I collect them) My winter slippers are Cocker Spaniel pups with floppy ears and tails! My hubby says I look pretty silly in them! :laughing:
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Debby, you collect bears? My 12-year old niece is the same.

Do you have one from Harrod's? One of its paw has the word "harrods" on it.
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I just got home from a long road trip this weekend, spent most of the time in the rain, YUCK!
The first thing I did when I got home was put on my PJ's and some warm comfy socks-Aaagh!

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What a great thread! I also love pajamas, although mine seem to be a bit different than most of yours. (Except for Jan's ) I wear boxers and a teeshirt... to lounge in, to sleep in... I love them! I'm barely home for 30 seconds before I change into my jammies! I refuse to sit around in real clothes all day. I can't sleep in pajama pants because they get all bunchy around me... the same goes for nightgowns and long nightshirts, so I stick with the boxers and teeshirts.
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I like long nightgowns, and I have 5 or 6 of them. Yesterday while I was shopping for spring clothing I bought another one. It's made out of lightweight pink flannel with yellow stars and white clouds. It's very comfortable, and best of all, it was on sale for only $5.00!!! I might go back and buy another one.
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