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New Kitties Climbing on Everything

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I adopted 2 new kitties last week. They are 2 year old Siamese/Calico mix sisters. They are very sweet but they climb over everything and it's driving me crazy! My two boys never gave me this problem - perhaps because they're larger Maine Coon mixes and pretty much couch potatoes. Chloe is the worst - I had to remove the lamp from the bedroom because she was rubbing on the lampshade and almost knocked it over. Fera likes going in the living room and knocking all the stuffed animals from atop the TV set. Can I get them to tone it down? I don't want to use a stay off spray with lots of chemicals as that's not good for any of us. Any ideas?
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Having kittens is like having a toddler in the house. You need to "baby-proof" your house. Put away the stuff they tend to play with (toys on the TV), keep things that you don't want broken off end tables and such. Just like children, the kittens will mature and get better. You might also want to keep them confined to one room during the day while you are out. I personally don't do that but after the kitties "grow up" they usually spend most of the day sleeping and less time getting into trouble. AND, the best part is that cats are much less expensive and time-consuming that children.
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Hey Bob's mom!
Cat's do like to be in high places, and they will always seek for the highest places around the house.

What I can suggest you is to buy them a facility especially for cats that is higt enough and fluffy so your cat will enjoy sitting on.

I bought my cats a special facility, they can sit inside and on top of it, and they absolutely love it!

Good luck with the new kittens and if you need some more advises on how to train your kittens you can look at these linkd:

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