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Update on Lee (Persi & Alley) -- please read - Page 2

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Just said a prayer for Lee asking God to put his healing hands on him to make him well. Our continued prayers are with him
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Originally Posted by Dragoriana View Post
Omg I remember the other thread. I can't believe all of this is from a kitty bite?

Charlie and i are sending lots of and purrs for Lee and calming scritches for Persi. We hope Lee gets better soon!
I nearly lost two of my fingers from a kitty bite...it was rough!

Sending many many to Lee for a happy healthy recovery and getting home to Persi and Alley Soon!
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For Lee to beat this infection and get well soon!!!!
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More . Pneumonia is no fun.
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Lots of prayers and coming from me and my crew. Please keep us updated on how he's doing!
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Oh goodness I'm sending lots of prayers and vibes to Lee and his gang I wonder how long it takes to get over pneumonia.
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Oh gosh! That's terrible news!

Me and the girls are sending out lots and lots of good vibes for Lee so that he makes a speedy recovery and is reunited with his pal Persi, really soon!
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OMG! I didn't realise he would get so sick.

Many vibes for Lee and his gang.

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Originally Posted by CarolPetunia View Post

Please redouble your thoughts and prayers for Lee... and tomorrow, I'll go over there with some flowers on TCS's behalf, just to show our support. I probably won't be able to visit him in Intensive Care, but at least I can leave the flowers and a note for him.

If TCS vibes really have power, let's put them to work!
This is sad news. of course we will send our prayers.... you may want to hold off on the flowers or stuffed animals though. Intensive cares don't usually allow them. At least not when I worked in ICU they didn't. Maybe wait until he's in a step down unit.
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Sending as many as I have left to offer!

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How awful!!!!!!!!!!l

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((Lee)) Get well soon!!
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That's such sad news. Lee, get well soon!!!!
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Oh no! My prayers are with Lee and his family, fur and skin alike!

Please keep us updated if you do hear anything Carol!
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OH no! Keeping Lee in my thoughts overnight and especially tomorrow. Get well soon!
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Come on Lee - please get well soon!!

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That's really sad..

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Oh, Carol, thank goodness you checked on him! I think you should also print out the thread so he knows how many people are praying and pulling for him!

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Thank you for the update...sending mega tabby-strength vibes dusted with a smidge of tortitude (stubborness can be an asset) and a prayer for him to feel better day by day, starting now.
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Don't know how I missed this - good vibes coming for Lee. I hope he is better and home soon
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Thank you for the update, Carol! I was following the other thread as well. I think printing out the thread might be a good idea, maybe along with a nice get well card? might be something he would be allowed to keep in the ICU?

Adding my prayers from here - get well soon Lee!
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Many healing vibes for him! Hope he feels better soon!
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Hoping and praying that Lee starts healing.
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Unlimited healing For Lee! Hope he feels better very soon! TCS misses you Lee!
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Can´t believe that I´m read this.......

(((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((( ))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))
Best strong Vibes and Prayers for Lee...

I´m so sure TCS is thinking and praying for her, let´s do a Heart of prayers for her like this image....

Don´t give up Lee,....Get well soon,.. TCS needs you!
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For Persi and Lee
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Yes, I thought about printing out both threads for him -- but then I realized I've posted some things about how bad he sounds, how weak and fragile. He shouldn't read those while he's still sick, y'know? My own dumb fault, and I'm really sorry.

So instead of printing the threads, I've made a list of everyone who has posted in them, and I'm putting together a card for him right now. If I can find my camera, I'll take a picture for you before I go...
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I don't think a stuffed animal will be allowed either, but you might call the hospital and ask.

Many, many for Lee. I hope he will recover soon, as I'm sure Persi is missing him terribly.
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Oh no! What a situation!
Many mega and prayers for Lee!

We miss you!
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