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Please help ID this kitten

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While out for a walk yesterday, I found a kitten alone in the woods. I'm not sure how old he is, nor if he's really a he. He's red/cream with white but is long-hair so I'm having trouble seeing his bits clearly. He weighs 1lb 7.4oz and is still a little bit wobbly, does not quite have self-grooming down, but his eyes are olive and he is eating solids, pooing solid... but not litter-trained.

If somebody could help me with his age, I think between 6 and 7 weeks maybe? And also his gender, I would appreciate it.

Here is video of him playing on my bed, showing his motor skills:
And playing with a ball:

Here is a head shot to show facial development:

Another, because he's so darn cute:

And his bits (I had to greatly adjust brightness and contrast to make it more clear):

While getting that photo, I saw a flea run by. =/ I'm going to call tomorrow and get him in to the vet ASAP for flea treatment, combo testing, and deworming. Hopefully they'll start his shots as well even if he isn't old enough.

I have two other cats I've kept this kitten quarantined from, after he gets cleared from the vet, do you think he'd be able to be litter trained by them or am I in it for the long haul? Also, is there any special grooming needed for long-hairs other than getting them used to being brushed? What can I do about the flea until I can get into the vets (a warm bath and flea comb)? Any advice would be greatly appreciated as well.

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He's a he and is red/white longhair. Looks about 7-8 weeks to me. I'd confine him to one room with litter pan, food and water. You might get some of the cat-attrack litter that helps cats know where to go. Keep him isolated till he's checked out by the vet and make a neuter appoint within the next month - at least no longer then 4 months old.

BTW he's cute

As far as grooming, start now - with a COMB - not a brush. Use a fine-toothed and medium-toothed comb and train him to be sitting or standing still while you do it. Comb him once a day as a routine (and trim nails once a week). Use Dawn dish detergent for the fleas. And with warm weather coming up, when you go to the vet's ask what to use on him - probably Frontline or Advantage would be good.
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Put him in a small room with a low-sided litter box, food, and water, and by tomorrow morning, he'll be litter trained. If you think he's been living outside, putting a little dirt in with the litter might help.

Looks like a "he" to me.
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Thanks guys. He's confined to my bedroom, my other two are being kept in the living room/kitchen. The vet I go to doesn't do spay/neuters before 6months old, but my two girls are both spayed so I can wait.

He has food, water, toys, and his own litter box (right now, a deep cake pan with clay litter). I set him in there and got him to urinate, but he's been defecating in the corner of the room under my dresser. I keep picking up the poo and putting it in the litter, but he hasn't caught on (yet) and it's getting annoying to keep moving furniture around. =p

I did his nails last night after petting him half asleep. He did not even try to remove his paws from my hand. He's very affectionate and purrs quite a lot. =)

I've only had short hairs before, I'll have to go out and get combs. Thanks so much for your help!
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Originally Posted by mishirish View Post
The vet I go to doesn't do spay/neuters before 6months old, but my two girls are both spayed so I can wait.

Just an FYI, my vet also has a 6 month rule, but I asked if there was anyway it could be done sooner, and they said as long as he's 4lbs (which was 4-5 months old). Neutering a male is really not a big deal, a 10 minute procedure. So it's worth asking at least. In fact, when Ramsay was done at 4lbs, the vet let me neuter him myself. (It's that simple, he was sure after my internship with him that I could neuter a cat.) And BTW, your kitten is adorable!
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You might try another vet. Seems the males and females are maturing a lot sooner then they used to. By 6 months old you can have a spraying male and a pregnant female. I'm sure you can find another vet to do the neutering by 4 months old. That way he won't get in any bad habits
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If you put him in a place with only hard floors, it will help encourage him to use the litter box. Carpet is a real no-no.
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Ok, the video is too cute. OMG aren't you blessed to have found that baby in the woods.

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Looks like a Male to me around 8 weeks old. He is Cute.
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my Firefox is a former feral kitten... she had the opposite litterbox problem - would poop in it but not pee. i got the KittenAttract litter, & it worked like a charm!
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I don't have anything else to add

Except.......Where's the cuteness warning!!!!!!

he is just the cutest little guy!
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He is adorable
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He is absolutely ADORABLE!!!!! If he has fleas, I wouldn't let him play in the blankets on your bed. You'll have to clean everything in hot, hot water anyhoo!
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He's adorable!

He looks in awfully good shape to have been abandoned. Did you look around throughly for mum and sibs??? I'd go back to the same area for a couple of days just to make sure there aren't more kittens in need of help.
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Vet appointment is for Wednesday afternoon. I've flea-combed him twice now and haven't turned anything up, not even dirt. Haven't seen any more either, but I know they're around. I plan on bombing the room, steaming the carpets, and washing all the bedding once he's been treated.

I found him by the side of the road not too far from my apartment complex. The area is wooded and there are a few feral cats around but I don't see them all that often. I heard him crying and looked around after I found him for any others. Also went back Sunday and didn't see any other kittens or a mom cat. He didn't hiss or try to hide when I grabbed him up, so I don't think he's feral nor was out there very long? I dunno. I'll keep my eyes peeled for any missing kitten signs.

Thanks everyone for your comments and advice. I'll keep you all updated. =)
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Welcome (back) to TCS!

Regarding the fleas, you can bathe him with mild dish soap. It probably wont kill all the fleas, but a wet cat makes for easy flea-pickins! Especially for the longer haired fellas. You can try combing out any remaining fleas you might see, or I've used tweezers with better success as they tend to burrow down. To prevent any fleas from running into his face, you might want to work in some soap around his neck before you get him wet. Hopefully he doesnt hve many fleas. Wednesday will be here before you know it, and the vet flea-meds work like a charm and fast! as you probably know.

He is a cute little guy. I cant really see his 'bits' all that well in the photo, but maybe I'm half blind, but statistically speaking, the odds are in your favor that he is a he.

BTW, I have 3 long-hairs myself. They dont really require that much grooming. Even during shed-season (like now!) all they really require is finger combing. Although some of my guys do tolerate the comb. Of course... I dont have Persians either. Some long-hairs are low-maintenance, some arent. You'll learn quickly... If you find that he is getting matted - increase your grooming schedule.

Good luck with your little guy!!! and congratulations!!!

Cant wait for more pictures!!! And be sure to let us know what you decide to name him!!

~ Marian
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Combo test was negative! =) The vet estimated him to be about 6 weeks too. If he really is 8 weeks or so, he's still pretty small. He weighed in just over 1 1/2 pounds but eh, we'll see if he starts gaining more once the wormer takes effect. And, I was given a sample of Revolution for the fleas.

I haven't named him yet as I'm still thinking he might be claimed, but Oliver, Charlie, and Woodrow have crossed my mind. I'm open to other suggestions. =)

I'll get more pics this weekend! Thanks again. =)
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I was going to say about 6 weeks too- and I just had to let you know...You're killing me! lol! I about had to sit on my hands to not try to pull him out of my computer screen for a snuggle and general "kitten mauling" lol. He is just adorable! And I already have 4 old fart girl cats and can't have another kitten for a long time if I want to stay married, haha and *pout* .

Oh, and if you can put a second litter "pan" where he is pooping (even a small one) and get him into the habit of pooping in the pan in a location where he wants to go, that should work too .
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He is a stunner! Are you going to keep him?
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Hey! that is my kitten!

Oh wait your in Pa and I am in Co...I guess that ploy won't work.

Anyway, we recently lost our Ollie who looked almost identical to your kitten. Just older. We named him Oliver after Oliver Twist since he was an orphan too.

I am just mentioning that b/c of your particular name choices

Yay for kittens!
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I forgot to mention, he caught on to the litter box after the second day! He's now using it completely.

I keep wanting to call him Oliver because he's got really bright olive-colored eyes. Also, because of the film Oliver and Company (based loosely on Oliver Twist), which was the first film I remember seeing in a theatre when I was a kid... but the fact that it was a well-known Disney film and of how many other red kitties were named Oliver because of it is a bit deterring... Although I named my tuxedo girl Flower after the skunk in Bambi, so maybe I'm destined for a Disney theme after all?
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Originally Posted by mishirish View Post
Although I named my tuxedo girl Flower after the skunk in Bambi, so maybe I'm destined for a Disney theme after all?
sounds like it to me! having a theme makes coming up w/new names much easier, too! i'd actually already decided on the name 'Firefox', altho i was thinking for a red kitty... but it seemed to fit the one i gave it to...
altho she's NEVER called that - she's called 'Puter Bug. she thinks that's her name i even put that name on her tag, as it's the one she responds to!
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Charlie says its ok with him if you want to name the cute boy after him Just keep in mind that Charlie thinks he's more handsome then your little
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Well, his name is now Rodeo and looks like I'll be keeping him as none of my neighbors are missing any kittens. As promised, here are more photos!

Laser beams set to freeze!

"I'm still going to freeze you":

I was playing around with the settings on my camera since the flash was washing him out so much. Unfortunately they came out blurry, but I thought the pose was precious, especially since he doesn't sit still at all.

Kittens and laundry. They are forever intertwined.
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He is so adorable!!! I love the name! Look forward to watching him grow. Such a little cutie Rodeo is Thanks for sharing!
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OMG, Rodeo, I love it!!!

He is really a cutie! I wonder where he came from?

Good luck!
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