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Godspeed, EightBelles, the Kentucky Derby Filly

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They've just announced that Eight Belles has been euthanized on the track, after breaking both front ankles running the race. There's no link on my internet yet, but gallop Home, precious beauty....and run with the angels.......
You will be greeted with many headbutts & purrs from our RB TCS kitties who love to "talk horse".
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I heard this on the news and felt so bad for her and her owners.
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Oh No!

Rest In Peace Eight Belles
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I saw that on TV. It was so sad because the vet announced that she had been PTS and then the TV cut to shots of everybody celebrating the victory. RIP beautiful Eight Belles
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I am sorry to hear this about Eight Belles. May she R.I.P.
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I was going to make this thread if no one else had...

RIP, you poor, brave girl.

You showed those boys though. Showed them who's boss. That'll teach people not to ignore the girls.

This is the only reason I don't really like horse racing. Too many injuries, for both people and horses.
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Travel well, Eight Belles. You were a noble addition to your species and sex.

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R I P Eight Belles, have fun over at the Bridge.

Now you can run just for the heck of it and because you want to.
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When I heard the announcement that she had to be euthanized immediately because of the amount of pain she was in, my eyes just welled up with tears. Poor young, so talented, life cut too short.

Run swiftly over the Bridge, beautiful lady. Run freely in the fields, frolicing in the sun.
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Oh wow, that's so sad. I'm really really glad I didn't see that. She was so beautiful. Her owners must be devastated.

Horses and cats have a special connection. I will be hoping that Smudge and others will be there to frolic with her.
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How horrible!! I knew there was a reason I missed watching it today! Rest in peace big girl.
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I saw it on the News too. Made my eyes water.
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I hate horse racing for this reason.

Play & run happily over the Rainbow Bridge EightBelles.
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R.I.P. beautiful Eight Belles. May you run and gallop free.
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This is the reason I, as well, hate horse racing.

May this beautiful animal RIP and may her owners find comfort.
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How awful

RIP sweet girl. Run fast and free at the bridge
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I watched this and fortunately they didn't show it happen afterwards. I was crying and it was so sad. I knew as soon as they showed her laying on the track I knew. My sister and BIL have a retired race horse. Once they bought him, they retired him because my sister couldn't take the stress of Grad School possibly getting hurt......

RIP beautiful girl. You sure showed those boys
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Rest in peace sweet girl May you run happily over the bridge.
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RIP. poor thing.
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I heard about it from my mom. Run free and happy Eight Belles at the Rainbow Bridge.
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Horse racing is a cruel sport.

You are free at last EightBelles.
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I was watching when it happened, it is just so sad. Rest In Peace beautiful girl
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