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Anyone else have bad luck when they first Moved?

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We moved here almost 3 years ago and I still do not have any friends here. I did bring all my Cats except one. Right after we Moved we found out my Husband had Leukemia. I still can not find a Job here and I had worked at my Job for over 15 Years. I hope it works out for you. Less then 2 Months after we Moved here I get a call Smokey is Sick so I say call the Vet we will come. My Brother calls back and says she died. She had been sick a few days. I wish he had told me. Then a few weeks later I have to call 911 because my Husband is very Sick. Thats when we find out its Leukemia. Then in Dec Coco is very sick and I am trying to get a Vet fast but no one can see her that day. I find one that can within a Hour. I wish I never went to them. They take Xrays and say its Lung Cancer and say her heart looks strange. My Husband asks how long she has she says she isnt sure. I took Coco because she had a very bad Cold and her Asthma was real bad. I thought she would get a Shot and Antibiotics like she always does. This Vet wanted Xrays, Blood Tests just to make money. Coco Sneezes very thiick green and the idiot Vet goes eww. That Cold took the Pigment off her Nose. It used to be all black but it has Pink Spots now. We went to my Vet we go to now for a 2nd opinion. He looks at the Xrays and said its the Asthma and runs a Echo for her Heart. The test is fine. The other Vet used broken Xray Machines too. They have been shut down by the State now. I had taken her to the worse Vet in our area and didnt know. Her Blood Tests showed she had a bad infection. I still dont know how they get Lung Cancer and Bad Heart from Asthma and a Bad Infection with bad Cold. Then in Jan we get a call saying my Dad is in the Er and he had a Heart Attack. He needed a Triple Bypass. We go see him and he looks terrible. He lives 2 hours from here. I am very Sick and can not walk. I just lay on the Sofa. I go to the Dr and I have Severe Anemia. I have Meds for it now. This all happened in 2005 and 2006.
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I refuse to move on rainy days anymore. Everytime I've moved on rainy days bad things happened in the place I moved into. The first time it happened I verbally exclaimed, "Oh it's raining, must be an omen but is it good or bad?" turns out it was bad and I should've listened to it.
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It was 106 when we moved here and we took the Car my Husband took the Truck. The Cats were in the Car and we turned the A/C on but heat came out. The A/C broke. My poor Cats were panting all teh way here. It was a 2 hour drive.
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I will never move anywhere where i have a bad feeling about.
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I wont either. We didnt have a bad feeling about here.
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The same thing kinda happened to my SO. He lived in Cali his whole life and when I wanted to move back home to Az. He uprooted and came with me. For the first 3 months we were there he couldn't find a job and I found out I had a felony on my record and if we got an apartment it would have to be in his name due to the laws here. Well he finally finds a job making way less than he did back home. I still couldn't find a job and when I finally did I hated it and walked out 2 months into it. Then it was back to him supporting me mostly using credit cards. Well now finally after a year I got a good job and he finally got his promotion but the amount he racked up on his credit cards has left him unable to pay. I really feel for him and his situation.
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When we bought our house, we never fit into the neighborhood. We had no friends there and the neighbor didn't speak English. After we lost the house and moved to this apartment, we have become acquainted with a couple of our neighbors. I hate to say it but the foreclosure was the best thing to happen to us. DH is much happier and so am I.
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