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Wrapped around a pound puppy and a panda bear and snoozing away- that is Squirrel my last year's rescue.
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Hissy I love that picture!
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OMG!!!!!! What adorable cat pics!!!!! All of them!! I have some angry pics of Merlin somewhere here, but I will have to wait and post them when I have some time to scan them....I have to go offline now.

Great thread Jenn!!!!
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Here's Roo with his first site of a dog, if you can call it that LOL it was a chihuahua/Yorkie. look at his tail!!!

and of course I have to have one of Tig if I'm to be fair
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LOL! Roo is a BIG BABY BOY! - LOL! Did he attack Squirt? I'm not sure what my boys would do around a dog....The tails would POOF out and lots of groaning...don't know if they would attack though.

Tig is making a very good SWEET FACE in that picture....You have beautiful kitties....
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Bump! What cute grumpy kitty pictures! The one I luuuuuurrrrve the most has to be the kitty in costume. Keep em coming!
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I love all the angry kitties! They just have this way of looking that can put you right in your place, don't they?

The little female orange tiger that I had (Penny) for 19 years looks ticked off in every single photo I have of her, even the ones where she's asleep. Once my husband's PC is back up (it's our server) I'll be able to scan a couple in so you guys can see. She also had this vulture stance where she'd sit on the back of the sofa behind you and hang her head and glower.

I don't know if I have any of Toes ticked off, but I do of Tailer.

And I still love the orange guys (especially the biggies).

Oh--Toes used to play with a toy poodle all the time. It was funny seeing this little itsy bitsy tiny dog chasing a 21 pound cat around the house. Then they'd switch.
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