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hopeless romantic...

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Ok Guys, I need your thoughts once again. Today marks one year my fiance and I have been engaged. I have no clue on what to do.....
I want to do something that will almost make him cry, hehe. I need ideas, or things yall have done for your significant others... for a really special day.
so any romantic ideas you may have would be greatly appreciated! I been reading different sites all night long, and found nothing that wasnt from like a movie or something. I want to find something extravagant, out of the ordinary..
I really am relying on yall now lol....
Thanks a bunches!!!!!!!
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What a bout a Romantic Fondue Place or a Hot Air Ballon ride with a Bed and Breakfast.
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Where do you llive at?? I know of a really good hot spring that would blow his socks off in colorado!! It has 6 different hot springs all with different tempatures, a river right next to it, and its on the side of a mountain! You look up and it looks like you can touch the stars! Then when night time comes, you are allowed to go nude! It also has massages available, and its a hotel of course, kind of a bed and breakfast! Its a wonderfull place to go to celebrate!
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