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I watch It all the time.. Also Except when our cable went out for 1 day.. then I went crazy lol!!! Thats my FAVORITE channel!! And I NEVER, ABSOLUTLY NEVER miss Emergency vets lol..I find a way lol I wanna be a vet lol!!
I Would LOVE to see how a TheCatsite.com member handles her kitties births.. You guys ARE the experts!!
And like I said before its actually would help me with my kitty's babies.. Expecially because it shows "every" single kodak (the film lol)moment .. :P on the television
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Teresa - any update? Any news? DYING TO KNOW!!!!!!!

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Rudy finally (sp?) had her kittens! She had a whopping 7 kittens that survived and one that stopped developing and was still born. We got it all on tape from the second kitten on. The first was halfway out when we discovered her. 3 were breech and she was yowling like a bansee!

We will send in the tape as soon as we get some video of the kids playing with the older cats and kittens.
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Cool Teresa, hope you got those "plugs" in!

Congrats on the kittens- though sorry about the breech births poor Rudy-
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ohh my goodness poor Rudy well, please let us know what's going with the show..I would love to watch it....
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Definatly got in plugs for the site!

I am worried about mom and kittens and have posted in Health and Nutrition for advice. Kittens not as clean as I would like, but mom is new at this...
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I just answered you- bottle feed those babies NOW! You have help to keep up the feedings don't you? Mom has to see a vet if is what I believe it to be. Babies to be fed and stimulated every 2 hours and kept warm and away from mom's belly-
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GREAT!!! I want to see it now LOL!!!
Not fair!!
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Congrats on Rudy having kittens Teresa!
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Wow! Thats super super cool! I love Thats My Baby..I watch it all the time. Good luck to your mama kittie...Let us all know when the show will air.....
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how are the babies doing??
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Some are eating better than others. Mom isn't the best at keeping them clean but is improving. I am so tired I may start taking naps between feedings.
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Well shes new at it.. she'll get better with experiance..or time..
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